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Monday, 26 October 1987
Page: 1468

Mr LEE(10.39) —It is perhaps appropriate that I follow the honourable member for Parkes (Mr Cobb) as I wish to raise the question of anti-Semitism and the activities of the League of Rights. On 26 September this year I had the privilege of handing out Australian Labor Party how to vote cards in the New South Wales local government elections at a very small booth called Warnervale in Wyong Shire. While I was calmly and rationally handing out my Labor Party how to vote cards, unfortunately, for most of the afternoon I was harangued by a gentleman who was handing out Liberal Party how to vote cards about the threat to Australia and the Western world from International Jewry. At that time there was the great debate about the Australia Card. That gentleman was convinced that, as predicted in the Book of Revelation, this Government intended to tattoo bar codes on people's foreheads and numbers on people's arms as part of an international conspiracy. One of the major conspirators was one Henry Kissinger who, this gentleman proceeded to explain to me, visited Australia several years ago to help to arrange the secret plot which was the Australia Card. It had all been planned by the Rothschild family, again as part of the international Jewish conspiracy.

This person who was handing out Liberal Party how to vote cards explained to everyone at the polling booth that our credit cards were also part of the international Jewish conspiracy. He produced a book which even had a diagram of a supermarket checkout. Madam Speaker, I am sure that you would be aware that in some modern supermarkets the groceries are pushed across a little computer that detects the bar code numbers. In the sketch that he had, a little camera had been added which looked at the bar code which was on everyone's forehead as he or she went through the supermarket check-out.

It is all very well for us to laugh at that. I was a bit amused initially. But I think that it is of great concern not only to honourable members on this side of the House but also, I would hope, to many honourable members on the Opposition benches that people who are active in politics in Australia honestly believe that there is a conspiracy by the Jewish community. The gentleman provided me with an excerpt from an American magazine the headline of which read, `Ignorance, Cowardice, Treason threaten our freedom: Christian tradition-prosperity and private enterprise are menaced: the issue that supersedes all others is the aggressions of the anti-Christ-the International Jew'. The article explained that the international Jewish community is subverting not only America but all of the Western world.

I believe it is disturbing that some elements-as I mentioned, the gentleman was handing out Liberal Party propaganda-have been associated with the League of Rights. A gentleman called Mr David Irving toured Australia recently. He is a well-known revisionist British historian. I am indebted to a magazine called the Australian/Israel Review which, I am sure, would be known to you, Madam Speaker, for providing me with some information on that gentleman. His most famous claim to fame is that he wrote a book which alleged that Adolf Hitler did not know about the mass extermination orders for European Jewry, gypsies, trade unionists and others who were exterminated during the Second World war.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is currently replaying a series on Sunday afternoons which is presented by Abba Eban, a former Israeli Foreign Minister. The name of that series is Heritage: Civilisation and the Jews. In that series he explains very eloquently that anti-Semitic feelings by people over the years has often resulted in outbreaks of violence against Jews and other people. I hope that it would be the view of everyone in this chamber that people associated with the League of Rights and others who are seeking to spread the hatred of the Jewish community will wake up to themselves and seek to dissociate these neo-nazis from Australian political life.