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Friday, 18 September 1987
Page: 349

Mr JULL —My question is directed to the Minister for Community Services and Health. Is it a fact that sporting, social and service clubs, such as junior football, Country Women's Association, Lions, Apex and Rotary, will be obliged to nominate an identity card representative to allow them to operate their bank accounts? Must such a person also produce his or her ID card to the data authority with a written statement of name, tax file number, if any, or an explanation as to why no tax file exists? Must such a person further duplicate this action within 14 days of any change of office bearers or face a fine? Since when has the Government regarded these organisations as potential tax or welfare cheats?

Dr BLEWETT —It is true that clubs and organisations such as the ones mentioned, which, of course, usually already have a member of their executive as an agent in relation to their bank accounts, will be required to provide one agent for their accounts, and the accounts will carry the Australia Card number of that individual. As with most of the Australia Card provisions, it is simply a minor addition to what most clubs and organisations already do. As is required now under the rules of most of those organisations, when the executive changes, there is a change of the agent who operates their bank accounts.