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Friday, 18 September 1987
Page: 345

Mr SCOTT —Is the Minister for Employment Services and Youth Affairs aware of the pre-Budget allegations by Senator Powell that the community youth support scheme (CYSS) would be abolished? Has the Minister written to all CYSS groups, and if so is there any foundation to the suggestion that the purpose of the letter was to put them on notice of a Government strategy to abolish CYSS?

Mr HOLDING —I thank the honourable gentleman for his question. Yes, I am aware of Senator Powell's allegations. I am unable to tell the House whether, in fact, she originated that rumour or whether she merely repeated it, but the Budget presented by the Treasurer this week shows that, whether she originated or simply repeated it, her statement was false. I have written to all CYSS groups in Australia, and the purposes of that letter was to draw their attention to the very wide range of training programs being instituted by this Government as part of its total strategy of providing training programs for real jobs for many of our young unemployed people. Honourable members will be aware that individual CYSS groups take a great variety of approaches, and the range of services they provide to quite a range of clients varies quite considerably. The purpose of the letter was to indicate to those CYSS groups that where they believe they can incorporate additional training procedures that are available to them through the Government's package, they should do so.

I draw the attention of all honourable members to the document tabled by my colleague the Minister for Employment, Education and Training as part of the Budget Papers which sets out in detail the Government's very lengthy and well thought through programs for the training of our young people, and if any honourable member believes that any of those programs are relevant either to CYSS groups or to any of the young unemployed in his electorate I would certainly be interested to have him make any approach or suggestion. This Government is not merely concerned to restructure Australian manufacturing industry; it is deeply concerned to get in place programs which will equip our young people to take their place in that restructuring. We see CYSS as having an important role to play in that. For the information of honourable members, I table a copy of a letter that went to all CYSS groups.