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Friday, 18 September 1987
Page: 344

Mr BEALE —When did the Minister for Land Transport and Infrastructure Support first ask for and receive a detailed briefing from his Department on the coastal surveillance contract? Did the Minister consider the briefing adequate and, if not, what was the nature of the further matters he raised with the Department?

Mr DUNCAN —I was briefed on this matter and a number of other matters in the first week after I was appointed Minister for Land Transport and Infrastructure Support. The departmental briefing was to all of the technical aspects of the matter; it did not go to security. At a later time I had a discussion with Senator Evans.

Mr Beale —When was that?

Mr DUNCAN —At a later time, probably two weeks or three weeks ago. Anyhow, some time in the last six weeks I had a brief verbal briefing from Senator Evans who indicated to me that matters involving the Australian Federal Police had arisen. That was the extent of the briefing.