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Tuesday, 15 September 1987
Page: 105

The following notices were given:

Mr Howard to present a Bill for an Act relating to the submission to the electors of a question relating to the introduction of the Australia Card.

Mrs Darling to move-

That this House expresses concern at the effects of road trauma on Australian society and commends the Australian Government for policies aimed at lowering deaths and injury of drivers on Australian roads.

Mr McVeigh to move-

That this House-

(1) notes the international recognition given to our artists in theatre, ballet, opera, painting and literature, and

(2) requests the Government to ensure adequate funding is given to the Australia Council, their artists, institutions, and the various training and academic institutions to ensure a continuation of world class artists.

Mr Wright to move-

That this House condemns the decision by the ANZ Bank to introduce a fee for withdrawals from savings accounts believing that-

(1) such a fee is unwarranted, unjust and unfair, particularly to pensioners, low income families and others who depend on savings accounts for the protection and management of their finances, and

(2) it is commercially immoral for a bank to charge a depositor for the right to withdrawn his or her own money.

Mr McVeigh to move-

That this House-

(1) notes that international sporting contacts have been a method of easing international tensions and improving conditions for people in poorer countries, and

(2) calls on the Government not to discriminate against amateur sporting bodies, their members, and sportsmen and women who have had or will have official contact with South Africa.

Mr Gear to move-

That this House commends the Hawke Government for-

(1) The steps it has taken to increase the retention rate among Australian Secondary School Students following the disastrous fall in numbers during the years of the Fraser Government;

(2) Its achievement in significantly expanding the numbers of places in universities, and

(3) Its proposals to develop skills formations in Australia so that our education system will be better able to respond to the needs of industry and thus materially assist the development of a successful and internationally competitive Australian economy.

Mr Cadman to move-

That this House-

(1) deplores the delays in the processing of applications for immigration and change of status;

(2) criticises the uncertainty of business, independent and refugee immigration programs, and

(3) calls on the Government to upgrade and streamline the administration of immigration policy.

Mr Tuckey to move-

That this House calls upon the Government to withdraw or repeal the Australia Card legislation.

Mr Lamb to move-

That this House commends the Hawke Government for the decisive action it has taken to increase employment for all Australians, particularly through-

(1) Developing Training programs to assist young people, the disavantaged, and those effected by technological and structural change, and

(2) providing financial support for the development of innovative training schemes designed to assist the Australian workforce become a highly-skilled part of an internationally competitive economy.

Ms McHugh to move-

That this House congratulates the Government on developing and implementing a comprehensive and integrated program of care for aged people which enables older people in the community to maintain the best possible quality of life, and in particular through the-

(1) Home and Community Care program which enables the aged to remain in their own homes rather than prematurely seeking admission to an institution;

(2) the Government's emphasis on providing a greater range of residential options whereby the aged can now receive the level and type of care most appropriate to their needs, and

(3) the development of quality of care standards for nursing homes, aged people requiring nursing home care, will be assured of high quality treatment.

Mr Sharp to move-

That this House condemns the Minister for the Arts, Sport, the Environment, Tourism and Territories for his complete lack of understanding of the proper needs of Australia's tourist industry.

Mr Lloyd to move-

That this House recognises the need to maintain a strong and expanding trade relationship with the USA and that to this end the Government should-

(1) invite a delegation of key US Congressmen to visit Australia for talks with key farm and government personnel as a matter of urgency;

(2) devote more resources to the promotion of Australia's primary industry produce in the US, as less than half of one per cent of Commonwealth outlays go to the Primary Industry Portfolio, even though Australia's primary industries account for some 40% of export earnings;

(3) establish a Parliamentary Standing Committee on Primary Industry, with US trade a matter for immediate discussion;

(4) seek to arrange further talks between Australian parliamentarians and US Congressmen and farm leaders, and

(5) maintain regular and direct contact between US administration leaders and Australian Ministers, including the Prime Minister.

Mrs Darling to move-

That this House expresses concern at actions of the Queensland Government which are adversely affecting the environment and supports federal Government action to protect the environment for Queenslanders and all Australians.

Dr Charlesworth to move-

That this House-

(1) congratulates the Government on its commitment to a health insurance system based on the principles of fairness, simplicity and efficiency;

(2) calls upon the Government to maintain a universal system of health insurance funded by a fairly applied levy arrangement;

(3) condemns attacks on the universal health insurance by sectional vested interests, including some members of the medical profession; and

(4) rejects the Opposition health policy requiring most families to pay the first $250 of their health bills.

Mr Downer to move-

That this House expresses its deep concern at the negligent way the Government has conducted Australia's relations with the South Pacific nations since 1983.

Mr Moore to move-

That this House rejects the ongoing use of taxpayers' funds for public enterprises which would be more appropriately funded by the private sector.

Mr Wright to move-

That this House condemns the recent charge introduced by the Metropolitan Building Society in Queensland on accounts under $100, believing that such a charge is particularly unfair to small depositors, most of whom would be the aged, the young and the low income citizens.

Mr Tickner to move-

That this House-

(1) views with concern the emergence of the extremist New Right in Australia and the increased influence of these forces on Australian institutions and society;

(2) believes that this development poses a threat to the well-being of the Australian community and

(3) calls on concerned Australians to unite and participate in the democratic processes in order to preserve the Australian way of life.

Mr Ian Cameron to move-

That this House condemns the Minister for Immigration, Local Government and Ethnic Affairs for the lack of funding and the new arrangements for the distribution of funds for the 800 local government councils in Australia.

Mr Blunt to move-

That this House expresses serious concern at the Government's insincere and uncaring attitude to people with disabilities and its failure to develop and implement programs providing them with effective assistance.

Mr Milton to move-

That this House-

(1) recognises the vital and creative role which public enterprise has provided in the development of Australia's economy and, in particular, the significant contributions made by the Commonwealth Bank, Telecom, Qantas, and Australian Airlines, and

(2) places on record its view that they should remain in public ownership.

Mr Scott to move-

That this House congratulates the people of Palau in their struggle for the retention of their nuclear-free status, by rejecting on numerous occasions since February 1983, attempts to modify their Constitution that would then allow the presence of nuclear weapons on and in their Territory.

Mr McGauran to move-

That this House condemns the Attorney-General for the Government's failure to restrict distribution of `X' rated videos in the ACT, thereby allowing State laws to be easily circumvented and family life undermined.

Mr Miles to move-

That this House deplores this Government's inept handling to the relations between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.

Mr Scott to move-

That the Government promote Australian agriculture produce as being free from nuclear contamination and non-irradiated.

Mr Connolly to move-

(1) that the Government's failed social and economic policies have caused widespread poverty among Australian families which will not be overcome by the Government's new family assistance package, and

(2) the Government must reverse the record interest rates; high unemployment; high marginal tax rates; housing shortages; high rents and falling value of family allowances if it is to offer real assistance to Australian families.

Mr White to move-

That this House recognises that the separation rates from the Australian Defence Force are seriously eroding the effectiveness of the Force and that urgent action is required to improve pay, allowances and conditions of service to stop this debilitating wastage.

Mr Langmore to move-

That, in view of the severe constraints on global economic growth and on the development of lower income countries caused by severe trade imbalances, high real interest rates, massive debts of many countries, historically low commodity prices, and industrial and agricultural protection, this House urges the Group of Seven major Western industrial countries (the G7-the United States, Japan, Federal Republic of Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Canada) to-

(1) co-ordinate their national fiscal and monetary policies so as to reduce trade, exchange rate and interest rate imbalances and instability;

(2) strongly encourage current account surplus countries to adopt expansionary macroeconomic policies so as to increase their imports and stimulate world trade;

(3) reduce their wasteful military expenditure and urge Warsaw Pact countries to do the same so as to reduce fiscal imbalances, reduce interest rates and increase resources for economically and socially useful activity;

(4) establish facilities through the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank for phased, partial debt forgiveness and rescheduling;

(5) increase overseas aid for developing countries to the greatest extent possible with the ultimate goal of reaching the UN target of 0.7 per cent of Gross National Product;

(6) support a new issue of Special Drawing Rights by the International Monetary Fund allocated to developing countries to allow relaxation of their balance of payments constraints; and

(7) convene a global conference on reform of the international monetary system.

Mr Tim Fischer to move-

That this House condemns the Government for the lack of real progress in revamping the Defence Service Home Loan Scheme, in particular its failure to transfer the Defence Service Home Loan Scheme to the private sector as announced by the Treasurer in May 1985.

Mr Tuckey to move-

That this House calls upon the Government to recognise and remedy the ever increasing cost and falling standards of Medical Services to ordinary Australians.

Mr Braithwaite to move-

That this House expresses its concern at the Government's administration of ACT affairs.

Dr Theophanous to move-

That this House reaffirms its commitment to the establishment of a multicultural society in Australia and in particular recognises that-

(1) Australians of all backgrounds are free and able to participate at all levels in the political, administrative, legal, economic, cultural and artistic life of the nation;

(2) there should be freedom to maintain one's cultural heritage within the context of a common legal and political system, with English as the accepted national language;

(3) all Australians should be free from discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion or culture, and should have equality of opportunity and equitable access to programs and services;

(4) programs and services provided to the community as a whole should, as far as possible, be made accessible to all Australians by being sufficiently adaptable to cater to the specific needs of those born overseas and those whose preferred language is other than English, as well as the Australian-born, but, where necessary and appropriate, separate and specialised services should be provided;

(5) programs and services should be designed and developed in consultation with all potential client groups, including those born in Australia and those born overseas, and should involve their active participation, and

(6) a just and equitable society should be promoted which accepts all people irrespective of their ethnic and cultural backgrounds.