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Thursday, 4 June 1987
Page: 4077

(Question No. 5415)

Mr Hodges asked the Minister for Housing and Construction, upon notice, on 12 May 1987:

(1) What has been the cost of implementing Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) programs in the Minister's Department, including all costs associated with the recruitment of EEO officers, advertising, office facilities, training and development programs.

(2) How many (a) full-time and (b) part-time EEO officers are employed in the Department and what salaries do they receive.

(3) What is the estimated annual recurrent expenditure to maintain the EEO unit.

Mr West —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) My Department has had resources dedicated to EEO programs since 1979, well before EEO requirements were established in the legislative provisions of 1984.

It is not possible to itemise all costs specific to implementation, as many of the actions have been absorbed into normal personnel management practices eg. in respect of training and development, any activities are now part of existing courses. Duties prescribed for EEO officers in relation to the fulfilment of legislated responsibilities of employers, are only part of the total duties performed by these officers. Other duties include staff counselling and welfare and general participation in personnel management activities. The costings listed below take account of an estimate that on average EEO officers in the Department spend some 35% of their time on other matters.

The recruitment of EEO officers has been undertaken through the normal Gazette processes.

Advertising has been confined to the Gazette.

Office facilities $11,484 (rent only).

Training and development programs $97,517.

(2) Nine (9) full-time officers are employed in the Department (Central Office and Six Regions). The salary component for EEO purposes is $174,515.

(3) The estimated annual recurrent expenditure to maintain the EEO unit is $185,999.