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Thursday, 4 June 1987
Page: 4048

Mr LIONEL BOWEN (Attorney-General)(6.55) —I move:

That the amendments be agreed to.

Without delaying the chamber, I point out that I have no alternative but to accept the amendments. We debated them fully during the second reading and Committee stages. The Senate disagrees with my view, which I think will mean that there will be some further discussion in the next parliament following High Court discussion and litigation. Section 64 as we had proposed it would have avoided some of the difficulties that might flow, particularly in respect of defective warrants. The Bill remains effective in the sense that we really intended-that is, illegal interceptions will no longer be able to be admitted into evidence and there will be proper procedures for State police and other authorities to intercept telecommunications in a manner that requires judicial warrants, assistance and supervision. To that extent, there will be some safety with the gathering of evidence in a proper manner, with protection of the privacy of people, who have an entitlement to privacy when using the telephone system. I accept the amendments that come to us from the Senate.