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Wednesday, 3 June 1987
Page: 3902

To the Honourable the Speaker and members of the House of Representatives assembled. The petition of certain citizens of the Federal Division of Fisher respectfully showeth:

That taxpayers with dependent children have been gravely disadvantaged by a serious decline in the level of recognition provided in the taxation system for the costs of maintaining a family, in particular.

the failure to index family allowances which has resulted in an erosion of more than 50% in their real value since May 1976;

the abolition of family allowances for dependents who have turned 18, even those still at school;

the abolition of concessional tax rebates for education and other expenses.

That this erosion in tax equity has placed an intolerable financial burden on many large families, particularly those on middle incomes who fail to qualify for means-tested benefits such as TEAS but whose living standards are now well below average due to heavy expenses on necessities such as education, housing, food and clothing.

Our petitioners humbly pray that:

family allowances be restored to the 1976 value (in real terms), and indexed according to the C.P.I.;

the dependent spouse rebate be retained;

the Federal Government take urgent measures to restore equitable provisions in the taxation system through the introduction of family income splitting.

by .