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Thursday, 28 May 1987
Page: 3581

Mr LIONEL BOWEN (Attorney-General)(9.45) —by leave-I move:

(1) Clause 13, page 6, line 37, omit ``cheque'', insert ``payment order''.

(2) Clause 13, page 6, line 38, omit ``cheque'', insert ``payment order''.

This basically is a printer's error. The Proceeds of Crime (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill has a number of clauses. Clause 12 deals with how cheques are to be dealt with. Clause 13 refers to how payment orders are to be dealt with. Due to inadvertence in the printing of clause 13, on page 6, honourable members will see a reference to `cheque' when it actually should be a reference to `payment order' in accordance with the title given to it. It is purely a machinery amendment and is self-explanatory.

Amendments agreed to.

Bill, as amended, agreed to.

Bill reported with amendments; report-by leave-adopted.