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Tuesday, 26 May 1987
Page: 3371

The following papers were deemed to have been presented on 26 May 1987:

Family Law Act-Rules of Court-Statutory Rules 1987, No. 74.

Foreign States Immunities Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1987, No. 77.

Health Insurance Act-Statement of particulars of Ministerial determination made pursuant to section 106aa, dated 20 April 1987.

National Health Act-Regulation-Statutory Rules 1987, No. 76.

National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1987, No. 79.

Nuclear Non-Proliferation (Safeguards) Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1987, No. 75.

Patents Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1987, No. 78.

Proclamation by His Excellency the Governor-General fixing 7 July 1987 as the date on which the Patents Amendment Act 1984 shall come into operation.

Public Service Act-Determination-1987-No. 24.

Remuneration Tribunals Act-Remuneration Tribunal-Determination-1987/8-Executive Director, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation and holders of public offices or other bodies.

Seat of Government (Administration) Act-Ordinances-1987-No. 17-Parole Orders (Transfer) (Amendment). No. 18-Dangerous Goods (Amendment) (No. 2).

Telecommunications Act-Australian Telecommunications Commission-By-laws-

Telecommunications (Charging Zones and Charging Districts)-Amendment No. 77.

Telecommunications (Community Calls)-Amendment No. 48.

Telecommunications (Digital Data Charging)-Amendment No. 40.