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Thursday, 30 April 1987
Page: 2284

Mr WHITE —This is a special question for the Treasurer. It is not addressed to the Minister for Science. I refer to the case of Mrs Rita Derek, who has been fined $861 for the late lodgment of her taxation return in 1984-85, despite being owed money and subsequently being refunded $2,521. Can the Minister explain how Mrs Derek was fined and yet the Treasurer, who was in the same situation, was not fined and could say on the Channel 9 Sunday program of 5 April: `They owed me money and of course I was not fined'?

Mr KEATING —I am glad that those opposite are back on to the big issues. I say to them: `Yap on, because you are staying right where you are'. I said often in the House, as the honourable gentleman knows, that this matter depends upon a taxpayer's record--

Opposition members interjecting-

Madam SPEAKER —Order! I warn the honourable member for Moreton.

Mr KEATING —As well as whether a taxpayer is in credit. In my case, I was in credit. I had not received-I am trying to remember the term for it-the first demand of the Australian Taxation Office, which I might mention is sent to 900,000 taxpayers a year. I was not in that category, and because I was not and I was in credit I had no fine to meet.