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Thursday, 30 April 1987
Page: 2283

Mr NEHL —Will the Minister for Health inform the House what steps will be taken to ensure that drugs such as aspirin, solprin, zadine, palaprin forte, paracodin and other proprietary medicines, which were deleted from the pharmaceutical free list last year, will be restored to the list to help alleviate the prohibitive cost to financially hard-pressed people such as pensioners and nursing home patients?

Dr BLEWETT —On the advice last year of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee a number of the medicines mentioned by the honourable member were removed from the pharmaceutical benefits list. All of those medicines, of course, were across the counter drugs, usually purchasable much more cheaply across the counter than on the basis of prescriptions. The other point is that a number of those drugs have aroused particular concerns. Those concerns can be taken back to the PBAC which is looking at a number of drugs in that area.