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Tuesday, 17 March 1987
Page: 910

Mr LIONEL BOWEN (Attorney-General) —by leave-Prior to the resumption of the Committee's consideration, I foreshadow some further amendments to the Jurisdiction of Courts (Cross-vesting) Bill and the Jurisdiction of Courts (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill. Since the Bills were last debated, on 26 February, they were further considered by the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General in Adelaide on 5 March 1987. The latest amendments arise out of that consideration and from further consideration of technical points raised by Commonwealth and State draftsmen.

The first amendment is to sub-clause 6 (5) of the Jurisdiction of Courts (Cross-vesting) Bill. It will enable the Attorney-General to authorise payment of costs where an adjournment may have been granted under a corresponding State law, or partly under the State law and partly under the Commonwealth law. Under the Bill as it now stands, the Attorney-General can authorise payment of costs arising out of an adjournment of a proceeding only under the Commonwealth provision. The second amendment to the Bill is consequential on amendment 15, previously circulated, and corrects a drafting error. These two amendments are contained in the schedule of additional amendments to be moved by the Government which was circulated today.

There are also to be further amendments to the Jurisdiction of Courts (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill. I will make further comments on this matter when we deal with that Bill. At present we are dealing with the Jurisdiction of Courts (Cross-vesting) Bill. I table an explanatory memorandum which relates to the additional amendments that I have mentioned.

Clauses 1 and 2-by leave-taken together.