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Tuesday, 23 April 1985
Page: 1644

Mr HAYDEN (Minister for Foreign Affairs) —I wish to correct an answer which I gave in the House on l6 April in response to a question by the honourable member for Rankin (Mr Beddall) concerning the sugar industry in Bangladesh and aid provided by the Australian Government. I said:

This year, the concluding year of the program, an amount of $6.8m is being spent.

I continued. The tense was wrong. What I should have said is this: By the end of this year, which is the concluding year of the program, an amount of $6.8m will have been spent. Of that, $6.2m will have been spent in Queensland acquiring equipment and machinery to improve the operation of sugar mills in Bangladesh. The remainder of the $6.8m will have been spent on Australian technical experts and advisers working in Bangladesh. I regret the error.