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Friday, 19 April 1985
Page: 1548

(Question No. 44)

Mr Jull asked the Minister for Sport, Recreation and Tourism, upon notice, on 22 February 1985:

(1) Did he or his Department make a grant of $50,000 to the Australian Recreational Fishing Confederation for the purpose of commissioning a survey of recreational fishing in Australia.

(2) Were tenders called for consultants to conduct the survey; if so (a) who were the tenderers (b) what were the tender amounts and (c) who was the successful tenderer.

(3) How was $50,000 arrived at as being a suitable sum for such a survey.

(4) Has he authorised the Confederation to sell copies of the results of the survey to other recreational fishing organisations; if so, for what purpose will the income from these sales be used.

Mr John Brown —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) Yes. A grant of $50,000 over two financial years was made to the Australian Recreational Fishing Confederation as part of the Government's programs of assistance to national sporting and recreational organisations.

(2) As I stated in my response to Question 43, I am not involved, nor should I be, in the internal workings of organisations such as the Australian Recreational Fishing Confederation but the Confederation has freely provided the Australian Sports Commission with the information the honourable member seeks. I am advised that the Confederation did ask for tenders for the national recreational fishing survey and received proposals from Market Survey Centre Pty Ltd, McNair Anderson Associates Pty Ltd, PA Management Consultants, and the Roy Morgan Research Centre Pty Ltd. Some of the proposals were given in confidence and for commercial reasons too, the Confederation feels that the prices quoted should not be attached to the names of particular tenderers. The prices quoted by firms meeting all the specifications ranged from $50,000 to $128,000. The successful tenderer was PA Management Consultants.

(3) The Confederation commissioned PA Management Consultants after extensive discussions, about cost-effectiveness and other technical matters relating to the proposed survey, with appropriate officers of my Department. Through my Department, the Australian Bureau of Statistics was also consulted. The Confederation, of course, also sought and received advice from other sources on the matter before making a decision.

(4) As a properly constituted, autonomous body, the Australian Recreational Fishing Confederation is free to run its affairs as it sees fit and does not require any Ministerial authorisation for the conduct of its activities under its constitution.