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Friday, 19 April 1985
Page: 1544

Mr CHYNOWETH(4.20) —I rise, first of all, to remind the Minister for Communications (Mr Duffy) about the subscriber trunk dialling problem which is prevalent in the Frankston area. Ever since I have been a member of this House we have been pushing for STD rates to be removed from a small area within the Dunkley electorate. People may not believe it but parts of Frankston are still on the 059 network. There is an area down there called Mt Eliza which is on the 03 network. It is called the Mt Eliza bulge. It does not come within the radius which is drawn by Telecom Australia, but it bulges out and happens to go right down and cover Mt Eliza and Mornington. I believe the boundary actually goes to the home where Reginald Ansett once lived. No one planned it, it is just the way it happened, I have been told. Many people in the Frankston area do not have the facility of being able to ring Melbourne on the standard rate. This is wrong and must be changed.

I also must mention the Palm Sunday march which I attended recently and in which I was proud to take part. This march was attended by thousands of people, many of whom were young people. This is important, and it augurs well for the peace movement. I am also proud to be a member of People for Nuclear Disarmament. It has taken several years for this movement to build up, and I have been a member for many years. I had a business of my own called CND Industries. It was not named CND Industries for any real political reasons, it was just to remind those people who were involved in or had some knowledge of the peace movement that I was actively engaged in trying to promote it for many years. Some parts of the peace movement supposedly belong to one particular faction. That is not correct, it crosses all factional groups, and I am proud to be a member of the peace movement.

Mr Cobb —Did you have any anti-Russian banners?

Mr CHYNOWETH —Yes, there were many anti-Russian banners. There were banners complaining against Russian build up of nuclear arms as well as the American build up of nuclear arms. This is something that many people in the House do not realise because they have never got off their backsides to take part in a movement such as that.

While I am on my feet I must also discuss, as a member of the Standing Committee on Environment and Conservation, the matter of woodchipping which was raised by the honourable member for Braddon (Mr Miles). I have that booklet. I have never been to the south-west of Tasmania but I have seen photographs. I believe what I see in some of those photographs, and it is a disgrace.

Mr Smith —Go and have a look then.

Mr CHYNOWETH —I will be. It is a disgrace. The Tasmanians have a beautiful island there.

Mr Cobb —Would you lock up 30 per cent of your electorate?

Mr CHYNOWETH —The honourable member says that we should lock up 30 per cent of it. What other nation in the world is rich enough to be able to do that? What will it be like in the future, when people come to Australia and go to Tasmania to see that area in its natural state? That area will draw tourists from all over the world. Tasmanians do not realise the potential they have. They want to rip it all out with bulldozers and push it into creeks. Of course it will wreck the environment.

Mr Cobb —Would you lock up 30 per cent of your electorate?

Mr CHYNOWETH —I would be pleased to do it if it was in its natural state. It is not; it is covered by concrete and houses and things like that. That is wrong. More of it should be left in its natural state. Tasmanians have a magnificent asset and they are just going to destroy it, chop it down and turn it into pulp so that we can have great stacks of paper. That is a disgrace. They should not do that; they should protect this area for future generations instead of turning it into wood chips. Some of the people who are interjecting here are very good at exploiting our natural resources. Instead of those resources belonging to the people of Australia, their companies exploit them and sell them off to the world.

Mr Miles —How many trees have you planted?

Mr CHYNOWETH —I have planted lots of trees. If the honourable member comes to the shopping centre near where I live he will see where I instigated the planting of the trees around it. It has made a tremendous difference.

Mr Miles —How many?

Mr CHYNOWETH —I would say about 50. That is probably 50 more than the honourable member has ever planted. While I am talking about the Tower Hill shopping centre, I must say how good the shopkeepers are because they look after all the trees. In the Frankston central business district, the Bayside shopping centre has been bought by the Gandel Group. It has put up the rents of the small shopkeepers by 400 per cent, which is a disgrace.

Mr SPEAKER —Order! The honourable member's time has expired.