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Thursday, 18 April 1985
Page: 1464

Mr CHYNOWETH(10.59) —In the minute that I have to speak I wish to defend the assets test. It is a system that has increased the resources of the Department of Social Security and enables more money to be given to those who really need a pension-those on a low income. Since the assets test was introduced one person has come into my office in the electorate of Dunkley to complain. He was complaining about a farm in New South Wales that his father owned. I think honourable senators will find that the situation is the same in the majority of electorate offices. In the electorate of Dunkley not many people at all have been affected by the assets test. This is a sham put up by members of the Opposition in looking after their own wealthy friends. Millionaires have been getting the pension. All these facts will be brought out. Whenever these people opposite who scream and yell all the time want some money for their-

Mr SPEAKER —Order! It being 11 p.m. the debate is interrupted. The House stands adjourned until 10 a.m. tomorrow.

House adjourned at 11 p.m.