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Wednesday, 17 April 1985
Page: 1337

(Question No. 270)

Mr Connolly asked the Minister for Social Security, upon notice, on 21 March 1985:

(1) What arrangements does the Minister's Department make for the production of films and videos for both internal and external use.

(2) Is any production carried out within the Minister's Department.

(3) How many films/videos were produced for or by the Minister's Department during 1983-84 and what was (a) the title and (b) the cost of each production.

(4) What film/video production equipment is held by the Minister's Department and what is its primary use.

(5) How many officers are employed in this area within the Minister's Department and what are their salaries.

Mr Howe —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) The Department of Social Security has a two person production unit to make training and information videos for internal use. Productions which are used primarily for external use are generally contracted out to an external production agency.

(2) Yes.

(3) Fifteen videos were produced during 1983-84. Of these, nine were produced in-house for internal use and six were produced externally.

Titles and costs are as follows:

In-house Productions:(for training and information purposes) Stratplan Report 2-$3215

Counter Officer Role Plays-no on-cost

Field Officer Training-$630

Aboriginal Community Child Care-$2245

Freedom of Information-$1210

Interviewing Skills (two programs)-no on-cost

Stratplan Report 3-$2293

More than Sitting,

Occupational Safety and Health-$2700

Externally Produced:(for use by the department with certain community groups) Social Security Story-$4746

Externally Produced for Broadcast:(for S.B.S. television transmission) Direct Deposit-$9025

Family Income Supplement-$9025

Assets Test-$9025

General Pensions &Benefits-$34,629


(4) The following video production equipment is held within the Department. Its primary use is for the production of training and in-house information programs.

Equipment: 2 video editing recorders; 1 editing control unit; 2 portable video recorders; 3 colour video cameras; 3 monochrome video cameras; 2 portable lighting kits; 5 camera tripods; 2 video mixers; 1 time base corrector; 1 waveform monitor; 1 vectorscope; 5 video recorders for dubbing; 2 portable lighting kits; 3 colour video monitors; 4 monochrome video monitors; 3 reel-to-reel audio recorders; 1 cassette audio recorder; 2 audio mixers; 1 parametric equaliser; 5 microphones; 1 receiver/amplifiers; 3 speakers; 1 record turntable; 1 high speed audio cassette duplicator; 1 super 8 mm film camera; 1 super 8 mm film editor. Ancillary equipment; battery chargers, power adaptors, equipment cases etc.

(5) The Department has two full-time staff members employed in this area. They are a Clerk Class 8 at $30239 per annum and a Clerk Class 7 at $26330 per annum. Other staff may be required on a part-time basis on aspects of this work.