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Wednesday, 17 April 1985
Page: 1329

(Question No. 140)

Mr N. A. Brown asked the Prime Minister, upon notice, on 19 March 1985:

Has the Government made a decision on the abolition of (a) the Imperial Honours system in Australia and the right of a State to recommend persons for those honours, (b) appeals to the Privy Council from the State courts and (c) the right of State Governments to advise the Queen directly upon the appointment of State Governors, by the Government.

Mr Hawke —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

Discussions are continuing with State Governments and appropriate authorities in the United Kingdom on the severing of residual constitutional links with the United Kingdom Parliament, government and judicial system, including appeals to the Privy Council. The role of the Queen as Queen of Australia is not being in any way weakened. There are no proposals for removing the capacity of any State Government to make recommendations for imperial honours if it wishes. The appropriate channel of advice in relation to the appointment of State Governors (a matter for which State Governments currently do not have the right to advise the Queen directly, as the honourable member's question implies) is one matter being discussed.