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Thursday, 28 March 1985
Page: 1119

Mrs KELLY —On behalf of the Joint Committee on the Australian Capital Territory, I present the Committee's report on proposals for variations of the plan of layout of the City of Canberra and its environs, Eighty-third series-second report, together with extracts of minutes of proceedings.

Ordered that the report be printed.

Mrs KELLY —by leave-The report I have just tabled reports on the six outstanding items in the eighty-third series of variations to the city plan. The previous Committee approved eight variations in the series in its first report tabled on 3 October 1984. The Committee recommends approval of five of the variations and defers consideration of one of the items until additional information is received. I wish to comment on only two of the variations. The first is variation 4, which proposes an addition to the city plan of an access road off Fremantle Drive in Stirling to enable the development of an area of open space for standard residential housing. Objectors to the proposal were concerned about the increase in the volume of traffic as a result of the development, the inadequacy of the access to the proposed development, the danger of having driveways directly opposite the Chapman Primary School, and the extent of removal of trees which will result from the development.

The Committee considers that many of the objectors' concerns about the proposal are valid. The Committee defers consideration of the proposal until additional information is provided by the National Capital Development Commission and the Department of Territories about a number of matters which were of concern to objectors. An objector to the proposal was concerned about the adequacy of parking in Kambah Village, particularly in the vicinity of the Kambah Inn. The objector also claimed that the opening of a restaurant with a liquor licence would effect the Inn's sales. The National Capital Development Commission considers the car parking situation in Kambah Village is adequate in terms of the distribution of car parking around the whole centre. The Department of Territories told the Committee that no other objections had been received relating to traffic problems or parking problems associated with the Kambah Village centre. The Committee is not in a position to assess the effects, if any, on the liquor sales of the Inn or on other restaurants in the area of the establishment of an additional restaurant. The Committee has therefore approved the variation.