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Wednesday, 27 March 1985
Page: 1049

Mr PUNCH(7.57) —I rise to talk about a matter of very great importance and pride to my electorate. However, I depart from the text for one moment to say that I think the honourable member for Darling Downs just knocked the bails off his own wicket.

Mr SPEAKER —Order! In this Parliament he is the honourable member for Groom. The honourable member is talking about him in another life.

Mr PUNCH —I beg your pardon, Mr Speaker, I had not realised that.

Mr McVeigh —I take a point of order, Mr Speaker. I am grateful for your correction--

Mr SPEAKER —Order! The honourable member will come to his point of order.

Mr McVeigh —Mr Speaker, will you ensure that Hansard correctly records my electorate?

Mr SPEAKER —Order! There is no point of order.

Mr PUNCH —I assure you, Mr Speaker, that my comment was not meant as some sort of under-arm bowl at the honourable member. I can see why one mob of constituents may seek to have him changed.

The Illawarra Catholic Club, which is in the neighbouring electorate of St George but which draws a wide membership from my electorate, is a club of which people in the St George region of Sydney are extremely proud. The reason we are proud of that club is, of course, manifold. In particular, I raise the point tonight that for the second year in succession the Illawarra Catholic Club has won the Daily Telegraph community service award for clubs. We are extremely proud of that. Under the stewardship of the President of the Club, Mr Pat Mullane, the Senior Vice-President, Mr Bernie Harley, the Secretary-Manager, Mr Frank Ryan, and the Board, the club has achieved this status, as I say, for two years in a row.

It is by no accident that the club has done so. I say that most seriously. This club does a very great service for the local community. I call on other clubs in Sydney to emulate the Illawarra Catholic Club and at least compete with it for this award next year and, in so doing, do the community a great service. One service provided by the club, which is so important to the local residents, particularly those on lower incomes, such as pensioners, is the provision of cheap meals. I mention in particular the $1 luncheon, which is a great success and which feeds many people in the St George region, that is, in the St George and Barton Federal electorates. It even feeds some people from the Banks electorate. It is a very important and practical service of christian charity.

The club is instrumental in the development of young people in our region of Sydney through sports activities. The girls have the most successful netball club in the St George area-indeed, one of the most successful netball clubs in Australia. The club does an excellent job with the girls. In the area of boys sport, the club has cricket and football. It has turned out some tremendous footballers over the years. The club's indoor facilities are second to none in the St George area, possibly with the single exception of the St George Leagues Club. It is no accident--

Mr SPEAKER —Order! It being 8 p.m., the debate is interrupted.

Mr Scholes —Mr Speaker, I will hold the House for only one minute. On behalf of the Government and, I think, the members of the Government Party, I want to dissociate us from the attack in the House on Kim Hughes. I think it was unwarranted and should not have been made.

Mr SPEAKER —Order! The Minister should have asked for the debate to be extended. The House stands adjourned until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning.

House adjourned at 8 p.m.