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Wednesday, 27 February 1985
Page: 345

Mr KENT(7.57) —Early in 1982 the people of Victoria rid themselves of a tired conservative Liberal Government and elected John Cain and his Australian Labor Party team. Next Saturday Victorians will create history; they will re-elect the Victorian Labor Government for a second consecutive term. John Cain, the hard working Premier, and his imaginative team will deserve the victory as they pulled out Victoria from the stagnation of conservative Liberal rule and made Victoria the No. 1 State in Australia. When John Cain first came to office he inherited quite a mess left behind by 27 years of Liberal rule. At that time Victoria was fast going bankrupt and in the midst of a depression. Industries were closing, unemployment was growing and people were forced to leave the State in search of better conditions elsewhere. There was gloom and doom everywhere. It took just over a year for the new Labor Government under the stewardship of John Cain to stop the rot, to arrest the downturn of the economy caused by the Liberals and to start to create the conditions for improvement.

After three years of hard work by the Victorian Premier and his able team of Ministers, Victoria has today the fastest growing economy in the Commonwealth. The economic recovery engineered by the Hawke Labor Government in Canberra and assisted by the Cain Government put Victoria into the No. 1 position. Wherever we look, whether in the field of finance, reducing inflation, employment or housing, the Labor Government led by John Cain achieved great success. In employment creation Victoria leads the field. People who left the State because of the previous conservative Government's mismanagement are now returning to take advantage of the job opportunities in the growing economy.

While in the beginning the recovery was stimulated by the public sector growth, today the private sector is taking over. Private sector investment is growing faster in Victoria than elsewhere in Australia and it will give the State a steady and lasting economic recovery. Together with private investment, private consumption also is growing fast-as every Victorian retailer can testify. If one goes out into the streets and talks to the shop keepers they will tell how fast the tills are turning around. They know very well that the Cain Labor Government has to be returned next Saturday so that business confidence and economic recovery can remain with us.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

House adjourned at 7.59 p.m.