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Wednesday, 27 February 1985
Page: 339

Mr GOODLUCK(7.22) —Canberra is a nice, quiet, pleasant spot. One gets out of bed and reads the papers. All of a sudden I decided today to read the Canberra Times. I am not afraid of criticising anybody, because everybody seems to have a fair go at me.

Mr McGauran —They do.

Mr GOODLUCK —That is right. I will not cry tonight, like many other people. I was astounded that there was an article in the Canberra Times written by a lady by the name of Beverley Miller. I have nothing against the reporter. Apparently she is a stringer for the Canberra Times and she wrote it from Hobart. She is a reporter with the Hobart Mercury. On the second page of the Canberra Times is the headline 'Phase II' of the 'battle for the Franklin'. The article is all about our friend, Dr Bob Brown. Again, he is arranging his publicity program away from Hobart, preparing the Australian Capital Territory for the entry of Bob Brown. Bob Brown intends to come up here to tell the people of Australia that again they need to do something to look after the Wilderness Society in Tasmania. It was astounding to read the article and discover that Bob Brown is going to come to Canberra to persuade the Minister for Arts, Heritage and Environment (Mr Cohen) to change his mind about the Government's management plan. He is going to talk to the Government and to that fellow in the Senate, Don Chipp. He has certainly changed since he left these benches. Bob Brown will try to influence the Government and Senator Chipp with respect to a particular committee that was set up by the Minister for Sport, Recreation and Tourism (Mr John Brown). The management plan would have the Premier of Tasmania as chairman of the ministerial council. That is what the article is all about. Of course, the Premier of a State should be the chairman. He is the one who will be held responsible. He was the one elected by the people of Tasmania to look after the people of Tasmania. It was not Dr Brown and his cronies from the Wilderness Society, not some of those who came to Tasmania-

Mr John Brown —Hey, listen! I am on that Committee. Be careful how you talk about it.

Mr GOODLUCK —I know that the Minister is on that committee. He appointed that committee. I think it was a dashed good thing that he did. I applauded him the other day in a motion of which I gave notice, but a lot of people would not have understood what I was talking about when I praised the Hawke Government-

Mr McGauran —That often happens with you.

Mr SPEAKER —Order! If the honourable member for Franklin needs protection from the honourable member for Gippsland, I will give it to him.

Mr GOODLUCK —Yes, I do, Mr Speaker. They are a bit rough tonight. I applauded that committee because for once we have taken the initiative away from the conservationists. We have taken the initiative away from Dr Brown and his cronies who were going to do so much for Tasmania. They were going to provide so many industries and were going to do this and open up that, but nothing at all has been done because they are a selfish, rotten lot. They wanted the Wilderness Society-

Mr Chynoweth —That is not right.

Mr GOODLUCK —No, it is good enough. The honourable member for Dunkley does not know the names they have called me. It was good enough for those selfish 200-odd people who went down to the Franklin over Christmas, but the good people of Tasmania, the ordinary working people of Tasmania, do not have the opportunity to go into that wilderness because they cannot afford to join the Society and do not have the right to go there.

All of a sudden, we discover that a thermal power plant is to be constructed in Tasmania. There has not been a word from the conservationists about the construction of a dirty, rotten thermal power plant. There has not been a word from the conservationists about it, because they wanted the wilderness for themselves. They were not interested in the future of Tasmania. They were not interested in another power plant that was to provide an economic base for the future of Tasmania. They just wanted the wilderness for themselves. Now Bob Brown is coming to Canberra. The article in the Canberra Times says that he is folklore in Tasmania. He is not folklore in Tasmania at all. He has ruined Tasmania just like that Sanders who will come into the Senate in July. They are the fellows who will have on their heads-

Mr N. A. Brown —On their consciences.

Mr GOODLUCK —As the shadow Minister said, they will have it on their consciences. It will be on their heads because their schemes are doomed to failure from the beginning. But they belong to a selfish group and are interested only in their own little nests. They are interested only in what they want and are not interested in the future of Tasmania and the ordinary people of Tasmania. I am ashamed too that some of the Labor people on the opposite side who always say that they care for the worker, the poor, and the underprivileged have supported this group. This fellow, Bob Brown, will come here tomorrow for such support. He will try to con Labor members once again to support his movement. He reckons he got Labor into government at the election before last. He reckons he is the one who got Labor in. He will try to con the government again. I only hope to God that the Minister is aware of what he is like and will have the fortitude to stand up and say: 'Look, we will not be influenced by this lobby. We will not be influenced into changing direction'.

Mr SPEAKER —Order! The honourable member's time has expired.