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Wednesday, 27 February 1985
Page: 338

Mr N. A. BROWN(7.15) —I was making the point that, using the system the Government is insisting on, will result, clearly, in years of legal activity because the almost certain result is that a court will say that nothing has been referred to the National Crime Authority which it has power to investigate. What that means is that the criminal trail will go cold, people will disappear, witnesses will not be available, assets in evidence will have been dissipated and the very serious criminal issues which should now have been well under investigation by the National Crimes Commission which the previous Government wanted to establish will never be investigated properly. Twelve months from now we will be saying that the National Crime Authority established by this Government has not been responsible for any prosecutions in any of these very serious criminal matters.

As I have said, the Joint Committee on the National Crime Authority will certainly have a lot of work to do and it could do a lot worse than to make its first area of inquiry this first reference by the Minister because it is a shameful exercise and shows, as we have said from the outset, that with this Government, using its methods and its mechanism through the National Crime Authority, it is a complete waste of time and is working contrary to the pursuance of criminal matters.

Mr SPEAKER —Order! The honourable member's time has expired.