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Tuesday, 26 February 1985
Page: 183

Mr MACPHEE —My question is directed to the Minister for Foreign Affairs. I ask whether the Minister remembers the statement made on 5 February by the Australian Ambassador for Disarmament, Mr Butler, in which he said:

Where would we be in seeking to pursue real means of disarmament with the USA if we refused them the right to land a couple of planes in Australia, which they are going to use to monitor this missile shot? Now, our credibility would be completely reduced.

I ask the Foreign Minister: Did he agree with that statement then and, if so, does he still agree with the statement?

Mr HAYDEN —The Ambassador for Disarmament did say something to the effect of 'where would we be'. I think the answer to that question has been eloquently and adequately provided by the American Administration, which has said that it has made no difference, so we are where we were, and we were where we are.