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Thursday, 21 February 1985
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Mr N. A. BROWN —For a newly elected member of this Parliament, the place can be, on occasions, bewildering and forbidding. That was the situation in which I found myself when I was first elected in 1969. I might say that having been re-elected on a number of occasions, sometimes I still find some of its procedures quite forbidding and mysterious. Nevertheless, Dudley Erwin, in 1969, was one of those who helped me immensely to find my way through the labyrinthin complexities of this Parliament, and for that I thank him very much indeed.

It has been said that no person who is a member of a profession has done his duty until he has returned something to the profession, as well as taking out of it everything that he can. We are, I believe, members of a very distinguished profession, and I believe that the Hon. Dudley Erwin returned a lot to the profession by helping newly elected members of Parliament, in their early days in this place, to familiarise themselves with, first of all, the building; secondly, the procedures; and, thirdly, a lot of the principles, practices and folklore of the Parliament.

We remember Mr Erwin, of course, because of his contribution to the Victorian Liberal Party and for his contribution to this Parliament and to the government of the country. We remember him, of course, for the contribution that he made to the development of small business in the later years of his life. Speaking for myself, I remember him mostly for his kindness, for his generosity and for his assistance to newly elected members of the Parliament, such as I. Naturally, therefore, I join very readily with those who have expressed sympathy to his family on his passing.