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Thursday, 21 February 1985
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Mr MILLAR —If I may have the indulgence of the House briefly, I should like to extend my sincerest congratulations to my parliamentary colleague, and my friend, the honourable member for Henty (Mrs Child). She acquitted herself with rare distinction, amid all the expectations of the House, in that rather challenging role of the first woman occupant of the chair. Since that time, I have enjoyed the co-operation and the cordiality of working as one of her Deputy Chairmen of Committees. I wish to put a point to those who may ponder on the wisdom of engaging in a contest when the result is virtually foregone. There is no reflection implicit in that action on any of the candidates, or on the successful candidate. In fact, it fortifies the position of the successful candidate, because it carries a very positive endorsement of the House. The alternative method-uncontested election-invites a degree of presumption that the popularity is as substantial as it would be wished. Today's events prove beyond question or doubt that the incumbency carries the positive endorsement of the House and I wish Mrs Child well in her future term.