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Thursday, 11 October 1984
Page: 2225

(Question No. 1779)

Mr Brumby asked the Minister for Defence, upon notice, on 12 September 1984:

(1) What (a) new buildings and (b) extensions and improvements have been constructed for defence purposes at (i) Fortuna and (ii) in the Bendigo area, since 1950 and what has been the cost.

(2) Does a master building plan exist for Fortuna; if so, when was it drawn up.

(3) If a master building plan does, or did exist, are there any buildings, extensions or modifications to buildings, or other works included in the master plan which have not been constructed; if so, what are they, and why have they not been constructed.

(4) What consideration has the Army given to expanding the facilities or accommodation presently existing at Fortuna.

(5) Have these considerations included an assessment of the need for additional space and/or land at Fortuna.

(6) Apart from cursory examination, has any detailed study been undertaken in regard to the availability and suitability of additional land in the Bendigo area.

(7) What are the (a) major and minor building works currently in progress at Fortuna and (b) details of proposed works to 1989.

Mr Scholes —The interim answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

See my answer to question No. 1775 (Hansard, 9 October 1984, page 1982).