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Thursday, 11 October 1984
Page: 2149

Mr PEACOCK —I refer the Special Minister of State to an article appearing in the Bulletin this week. The article states that an Australian Federal Police telephone intercept in the middle of last year provided information regarding New South Wales police corruption. It went on to state:

In mid-July this year, Federal Police chief Major-General Grey finally gave the NSW police authority to use the material.

Was material handed to the New South Wales police last year? Can the Minister explain why there was over a year's delay in giving authority to the New South Wales police to use the material?

Mr YOUNG —It does not require much explanation. Actually the material which was required of the Federal Commissioner was handed over in relation to those cases in the middle of last year. I do not want to put exact dates on it, but I can get that for the honourable member. There was a request from New South Wales for additional material if it were available. Officers from the New South Wales Police Force were sent on a number of occasions during the early part of this year to view material that was available at the Australian Federal Police headquarters in Canberra. At the conclusion of those visits they identified the material that they thought they would require for further investigation and when that was completed the material was handed over by the Australian Federal Police .