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Friday, 5 October 1984
Page: 1731

To the Right Honourable the Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives assembled. Your petitioners humbly pray that the House of Representatives, in Parliament assembled, should disallow the new Customs and Objectionable Publications Ordinance and that:

The Attorney-General enforce laws to prevent the importation and sale of hard- core pornography (e.g. X-rated videos) and publications which consistently incite the use of hard drugs.

The importation and sale of grossly obscene publications, including those associated with blasphemy be prevented.

Imported video tapes/discos for non-commercial use to be registered by the Film Censorship Board.

Censors more appropriately reflect responsible attitudes.

Further measures be taken in association with States to protect Australians, particularly women and children, from exploitation, and

That, because of the importance of this issue to society, a conscience vote be permitted to all Members of Parliament.

And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray.

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