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Wednesday, 3 October 1984
Page: 1506

Mr FIFE(5.26) —The Opposition also supports this motion. As Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works, I presided over the hearing in Perth and I am very familiar with this project. There certainly is an urgent need for it. I agree with the Minister for Housing and Construction (Mr Hurford) and also with my colleagues on the Committee that this accommodation should be provided, firstly, because the existing accommodation is unsuitable and, secondly, because I believe that in this instance, where courts are involved, the accommodation ought to be owned by the Commonwealth. It is an excellent site. Whilst the Minister, I think, referred to the design as being adequate, in my view and in the view of my colleagues on the Public Works Committee it is an outstanding design and concept. I am delighted that such an excellent building, which will be a landmark in Perth, is to be erected on this site.

Referring to the child-minding facilities, the Minister has pointed out that the appropriate department, the Attorney-General's Department, will look into this matter and that the Committee ultimately will be advised of the decision. I reinforce the Committee's recommendation. Some people who are listening to this debate or who read the Hansard record afterwards might wonder why it is necessary for child-minding facilities to be provided in a building of this nature. The Family Court of Australia is to be housed in this building, thus there is a very real and urgent need for those facilities. I indicate my own very strong personal support, as well as that of the Public Works Committee, for the provision of this facility. We support the motion.

Question resolved in the affirmative.