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Thursday, 13 September 1984
Page: 1207

Mr GROOM —Madam Deputy Speaker, I seek your indulgence to raise a matter concerning the proceedings of the House today. I do so whilst the Leader of the House (Mr Young) is in the chamber.

Madam DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mrs Child) —The honourable member may proceed.

Mr GROOM —The blue sheet that honourable members receive is not an official document; I understand that it is only a guide to the proceedings of the House. But it is an important document. We receive it each day, and it gives us some idea of the sort of business that is to come before the House so that we can plan what we shall do and the matters on which we shall speak. Today I am disappointed to see at the end of the blue sheet a statement to the effect that a supplementary program of business will be issued later in the day, covering the remainder of the day's proceedings. That indicates to me that the Government does not know at this stage of the day what business it will bring before the House later today. I understand that this has happened on previous occasions, but it is a fairly rare occurrence. I wonder whether the Minister could indicate just what sort of business will be coming before the House later in the day. Is the Government out of control? Does it not know what is happening? What are the Government's problems?

Madam DEPUTY SPEAKER —Order! I think that the honourable gentleman has made his point. I call the Leader of the House.