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Tuesday, 11 September 1984
Page: 994

Mr HOWARD —by leave-I have a faint suspicion that there is a tiny possibility that the expectation of the honourable member for Canberra (Mrs Kelly) may be fulfilled and that the House may be prorogued during the absence overseas of the honourable member for Fraser (Mr Fry). I think I speak on behalf of all honourable members on this side of the House when I wish him well in the future. We have not always on every occasion agreed with every detail of everything he has said, but it is the nature of politics in this House in particular for that to arise. I think everybody has respected the integrity with which he has held his views. Within his own party and within this Parliament he has been a conspicuous fighter for the causes he believes in, particularly relating to the Timorese people and others. Whilst I would have to say that I have some disagreement with him on some of his stances on those issues in particular, I have always respected his basic decency and honesty, and all on this side of the House wish him well.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr Keogh) —I indicate to the honourable member for Fraser that I will be very happy to pass on his appreciative remarks to Mr Speaker. I am sure that Mr Speaker would want me to convey to the honourable member for Fraser his very best wishes for his future.