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Wednesday, 16 October 1901
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Mr McLEAN () - I will show my righthonorable friend whether they can afford tospend more, because, fortunately, I happen to have taken down the total expenditure in Great Britain, as compared with that of the United States.

Mr Cameron () - It is not a fair comparison.

Mr A McLEAN () - The total expenditure in Great Britain per inhabitant - that is, for every man, woman, and child in the nation. - amounts to £29 14s. 9d. per annum.. The total expenditure in the United States is £32 16s. 2d. ; so that there is a difference of £3 2s. for every man, woman and child, in favour of the United States, as compared with the United Kingdom.

Mr Cameron () - What is the expenditure in Germany and France ?

Mr A McLEAN () - Now take the case, of food and beverages. In Great Britain the cost for every man, woman and child in;, the nation is £14 4s. 9d. In the United'. States it is £9 17s. 7d. So that the cost, in the United Kingdom is more than 50< per cent, greater than in the United States.

Mr O'Malley () - They eat more in the United States.

Mr Cameron () - The comparison is not. fair.