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Monday, 15 June 2020
Page: 4361

Ms SHARKIE (Mayo) (13:39): I rise to fulfil a promise to the residents' book club at the Southern Cross Care aged facility called Oakfield Lodge in Mount Barker. I've visited the facility many times, and a year ago I was invited along to a book signing. It wasn't just any book; Total Curiosity in the Clover Cafe was written by the residents themselves, with assistance from their lifestyle manager, Kerry Tudor. I can tell you, Deputy Speaker, this book is a ripping yarn. The gentlemen wanted to write a murder mystery and the ladies wanted to write a romance, but they ended up with an intriguing tale of an unsolved murder. Honestly, I thought that this was a true story of the early settlers from our Mount Barker community. The story begins with a ghost sighting in the appropriately named Clover Cafe, which is the gathering place at Oakfield Lodge, built on what was the farmland of a local family for many generations. It's like all good stories: it has a happy ending. I would like to thank authors Ray, Reg and Alvina; sadly, we have lost Myra, Blanche, Terri and Ken, who have passed away since they wrote the book. I mentioned the book in a speech that I gave last year, but I did promise Ray that I would do a speech that was just about Total Curiosity in the Clover Cafe. I look forward to visiting the residents at Oakfield Lodge again very soon.