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Tuesday, 30 August 2016
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Mr JOYCE (New EnglandDeputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources) (11:30): Mr Speaker, I would like to concur with the partisan and bipartisan remarks of both the Leader of the Opposition and the Prime Minister. I want to convey the best of will to you in the conduct of your duties; to also acknowledge the work that Pam and your family do in supporting you in that role. It is a fact that so many people do watch parliament and they see this as a reflection of their nation and, as such, they expect there to be, as it is an adversarial chamber, the heat of debate, but they expect it to be conducted in such a way that they would feel proud to show it to their children. I know at times we are a little bit shy of that and it is your job to do your very best to keep this as a vibrant House, as a House that challenges ideas, as a House that puts people under pressure because if you are not good under pressure you are probably not going to be good at doing your job; also, that it is conducted in such a way that people remain with their dignity, and those who watch it believe that the person they voted for was worthy of their vote.

Mr Speaker, I am looking forward to the election of your deputy, and I note the great aspirations that we have for a person of the calibre of Mark Coulton to ably assist you in that job. Until such time, I wish you all the best.

The SPEAKER: I thank the Deputy Prime Minister.