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RUSTON, the Hon. Anne SowerbyBiography for RUSTON, the Hon. Anne Sowerby

Senator for South Australia

Liberal Party of Australia

Parliamentary Service

Chosen by the Parliament of South Australia on 5.9.2012 under section 15 of the Constitution to represent that State in the Senate, vice M Fisher (resigned). Elected to the Senate for South Australia 2016. Re-elected 2019.

Parliamentary Positions

Temporary Chair of Committees from 12.11.2013 to 7.7.2014.

Ministerial Appointments

Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources from 21.9.2015 to 28.8.2018.

Assistant Minister for International Development and the Pacific from 28.8.2018 to 29.5.2019.

Minister for Families and Social Services from 29.5.2019 to 23.5.2022.

Cabinet Minister from 29.5.2019 to 23.5.2022.

Minister for Women's Safety from 30.3.2021 to 23.5.2022.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Privileges from 13.11.2013 to 12.10.2015; Scrutiny of Bills from 13.11.2013 to 1.7.2014; Senators' Interests from 13.11.2013 to 12.10.2015; House from 1.7.2014 to 12.10.2015; Procedure from 1.7.2014 to 14.10.2015; Selection of Bills from 1.7.2014 to 12.10.2015; Appropriations, Staffing and Security from 2.7.2019; Selection of Bills from 2.7.2019.

Senate Select: National Broadband Network from 2.12.2013 to 12.10.2015; Scrutiny of Government Budget Measures (formerly Abbott Government's Budget Cuts) from 12.12.2014 to 12.12.2014 (Substitute member from 12.12.2014 to 12.12.2014); Murray-Darling Basin Plan from 25.6.2015 to 12.10.2015.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Environment and Communications: References from 11.9.2012 to 12.10.2015; Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport: References from 23.11.2012 to 23.11.2012 (Substitute member from 23.11.2012 to 23.11.2012); Environment and Communications: Legislation from 13.11.2013 to 12.10.2015 (Chair from 7.7.2014 to 12.10.2015); Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport: References from 15.4.2014 to 16.4.2014 (Substitute member from 15.4.2014 to 16.4.2014); Education and Employment: Legislation from 1.7.2014 to 3.3.2015; Education and Employment: References from 1.7.2014 to 3.3.2015.

Joint Statutory: Public Accounts and Audit from 12.9.2012 to 1.7.2014; Human Rights from 29.10.2012 to 5.8.2013; Public Works from 13.11.2013 to 27.3.2014.

Joint Standing: Electoral Matters from 2.12.2013 to 1.7.2014.

Joint Select: Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (2015) from 2.12.2013 to 1.7.2014; Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (2015) from 23.6.2015 to 25.6.2015.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Government Deputy Whip in the Senate from 1.7.2014 to 9.5.2016.

Manager of Government Business in the Senate from 23.8.2018 to 28.8.2018.

Manager of Government Business in the Senate from 29.5.2019.

Shadow Minister for Health and Aged Care from 5.6.2022.

Shadow Minister for Sport from 5.6.2022.

Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate from 5.6.2022.

Party Positions

Vice-President of the Liberal Party State Branch (SA), 2011.


Born 10.6.1963, Renmark, Australia


Qualifications and Occupations before entering Federal Parliament

BBus (University of Southern Queensland).

Electorate officer from 1987 to 1993.

Senior Policy Adviser to the Minister for Industrial Affairs, Tourism, Recreation, Sport and Racing (SA) from 1993 to 1996.

Chief Executive of the National Wine Centre from 1996 to 2002.

Owner/operator of Ruston's Roses from 2003 to 2012.