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Tuesday, 14 August 2007
Page: 75

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Senator BOB BROWN (Leader of the Australian Greens) (5:56 PM) — I» «move» my second reading amendment in respect of the Social Security and Other Legislation Amendment (Welfare Payment Reform) Bill 2007, the Northern Territory National Emergency Response Bill 2007 and the Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs and Other Legislation Amendment (Northern Territory National Emergency Response and Other Measures) Bill 2007:

           Omit all words after “That”, substitute:

(a)      For the reasons set out in paragraph (c), further consideration of the bills be postponed and be made an order of the day for the first day of sitting in October 2007;

(b)      Senators who have spoken to the motion “that this bill «be» «now» «read» «a» «second» «time ” may speak again to that motion for up to 20 minutes each when the bill is again called on;

(c)      The reasons referred to in paragraph (a) are as follows:

           (i)            the Northern Territory Government is reviewing the impact of the bills and will provide its legislative response;

           (ii)           the need to delay further consideration of the bills pending a fuller understanding of their operation and effect is in accordance with the wishes of the Combined Aboriginal Organisations of the Northern Territory and the New South Wales Aboriginal Council”.