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Motion of reconciliation.

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26 August 1999




That this House:


  1. reaffirms its whole-hearted commitment to the cause of reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians as an important national priority for all Australians;


  1. r ecognising the achievements of the Australian nation, commits to work together to strengthen the bonds that unite us, to respect and appreciate our differences, and to build a fair and prosperous future in which we can all share;


  1. reaffirms the central imp ortance of practical measures leading to practical results that address the profound economic and social disadvantage which continues to be experienced by many indigenous Australians;


  1. recognises the importance of understanding the shared history of indige nous and non-indigenous Australians and the need to acknowledge openly the wrongs and injustices of Australia’s past;


  1. acknowledges that the mistreatment of many indigenous Australians over a significant period represents the most blemished chapter in our national history;


  1. expresses its deep and sincere regret that indigenous Australians suffered injustices under the practices of past generations, and for the hurt and trauma that many indigenous people continue to feel as a consequence of those practices; and


  1. believes that we, having achieved so much as a nation, can now move forward together for the benefit of all Australians.



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