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Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Amendment Bill 2019

Originating house


Amends the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Act 2011 to implement certain recommendations of the Review of the impact of the TEQSA Act on the higher education sector by: removing references to specific categories of non-threshold standards; removing unnecessary references to 'the Research Minister' and requiring that advice on new standards need only be sought from that minister in certain circumstances; requiring TEQSA to advise the minister and the Higher Education Standards Panel (the panel) before it undertakes a quality review that could have certain impacts; providing that overseas universities can offer a course of study not wholly or mainly provided from Australian premises, and use the word 'university' to represent its operations, without committing an offence; providing that a quorum for TEQSA meetings is a majority of commissioners; expanding the skill set that the minister must ensure is encompassed by the panel members; expanding the functions of the panel; providing a consent-based exception to the offence of unauthorised disclosure or use of information; allowing TEQSA to disclose certain higher education and personal information to the minister, the secretary and relevant officers; and allowing TEQSA to disclose information for research purposes and to a complainant in relation to a complaint without the consent of the body to which the information applies.

Progress of bill

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Introduced and read a first time 25/07/19  
Second reading moved 25/07/19  
Second reading debate 12/09/19  
Second reading agreed to 12/09/19  
Third reading agreed to 12/09/19  
House of Representatives
Introduced and read a first time 16/09/19  
Second reading moved 23/10/19  
Second reading debate 23/10/19  
Second reading agreed to 23/10/19  
Third reading agreed to 23/10/19  
Finally passed both Houses 23/10/19  
Assent 30/10/19 Act no: 98 - Year: 2019

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