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Animal Health Australia and Plant Health Australia Funding Legislation Amendment Bill 2021

Originating house
House of Representatives
Not Proceeding
Agriculture and Northern Australia


Amends the: Australian Animal Health Council (Live-stock Industries) Funding Act 1996 to: facilitate the funding of emergency responses under emergency biosecurity response deeds other than the Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement, including the proposed Emergency Response Deed for Aquatic Animal Diseases; provide for the Governor-General to make regulations prescribing certain matters; and remove redundant provisions that relate to honey, as honey-related levies are no longer paid to Animal Health Australia; Plant Health Australia (Plant Industries) Funding Act 2002 to: broaden the scope of permissible uses for Emergency Plant Pest Response (EPPR) levies to include the promotion or maintenance of the health of an EPPR plant; provide for the secretary to determine by notifiable instrument a body in relation to a specified EPPR plant product; and remove redundant provisions that provide for the redirection of excess levies to research and development purposes; and Horticulture Marketing and Research and Development Services Act 2000 and Primary Industries Research and Development Act 1989 to make consequential amendments.

Progress of bill

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House of Representatives
Second reading moved 25/11/21  
Introduced and read a first time 25/11/21  
Second reading debate 10/02/22  
Second reading agreed to 10/02/22  
Third reading agreed to 10/02/22  
Introduced and read a first time 10/02/22  
Second reading moved 10/02/22  
Lapsed at end of Parliament 25/07/22  

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  • Considered by scrutiny committee (04/02/2022): Senate Standing Committee for the Scrutiny of Bills; Scrutiny Digest 2 of 2022