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New ad campaign already cutting through.

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Media Release The Hon Fran Bailey, MP

27 February 2006

NEW AD CAMPAIGN ALREADY CUTTING THROUGH Australia’s Tourism Minister today released snapshots of what people overseas thought about the new tourism ad campaign, ‘So Where the Bloody Hell Are You?’, as part of the $6 million global consumer research.

“More than 47,000 people across our key markets, including China and Japan, have been market tested. The marketing experts analysed the research, came up with this cheeky campaign and tested it over and over again,” Fran Bailey, Minister for Small Business and Tourism, said today.

“This campaign cuts through. The target audience in our key markets gets it, and it delivers the invitation. And it will work in Asia!”

The Tourism Minister said with the new campaign only 96 hours old, that there has already been 45,000 website hits from interested people overseas.

Approximately 24,000 Americans,10,000 British and people from as far away as Peru and Slovenia have already viewed the new campaign at the dedicated website

“This new campaign is generating strong interest from around the world. Only 96 hours old, the new campaign is already cutting through as it was designed to do,” Fran Bailey said.

The Australian tourism industry has warmly welcomed the new campaign.

“Tourism Minister Fran Bailey has long championed the need for a new, creative pitch and her vision was well delivered by Tourism Australia,” said Chris Brown, TTF.

“With its bold approach, we hope the So Where the Bloody Hell Are You? Campaign will help change more people from saying ‘I’d like to go to Australia’ to ‘I’m going to Australia’,” Matt Hingerty, Australian Tourism Export Council.

“This innovative campaign is the result of extensive research and will benefit Australian businesses by building on past successes,” said Bill Healey, Australian Hotels Association.

Research findings from Global Focus Groups Many people will have an opinion on how we should promote our country and so they should. But the opinions we rely on are of those we’re trying to reach in our key overseas markets, who we’ve tested

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and researched.

Tourism Australia, in preparing this campaign, took the unprecedented step of investing more than $6 million in researching our international markets, talking directly to more than 47,000 international consumers, to find out what makes them tick and will turn them on about Australia.

It’s our customers who are the ultimate judges of what works and what doesn’t. Others can speculate and hypothesise but our campaign is based on professional research and sound knowledge based on contact with real life consumers in our markets. There are plenty of so-called experts but the expert opinions we rely on those of our customers.

When we tested the campaign, we found that it grabs their attention • “Bloody Hell is very catchy” Korea • The English caption is the strongest” Korea • “That line .. It sounds like someone close to you is saying it .. it draws you in” China • “Bloody Hell .. the more I hear it, the more I like it” Japan • “Emphasis .. bloody hell stands out .. where are you, what are you waiting for” USA • “If I was sitting on the tube .. that ‘where the bloody hell are you’ would jump out at me .. it would be asking me the question I am asking myself .. why am I here and not there’ UK • “It’s competitive, otherwise you are at the back of the line. Australia is not around the corner and not cheap” Germany

It’s distinctive and authentic • “Yes it matches Australia - they all talk casually so it would be fine” Korea • “ I like the smile .. it is really sincere .. not like many foreign commercials we see” China • “After the Kangaroo I understood it was about Australia” Japan • “Definitely Aussie. It’s something they would say and it is unique” USA • “I’ve met a few Aussies - so hip, so down to earth, so real” USA • “It’s Aussie .. cheeky, laid back, forthright .. The fact that it is coming from an Australian and they can get away with it” UK • “It’s typically Australia .. warm .. that’s what you expect” UK • “Australia if you want to be cheeky, why not .. fits really good with the idea .. Australians laugh about themselves” Germany • “Arabia wouldn’t say they have shampooed the camels .. That’s typically Australia” Germany

It delivers a genuine invitation • “I like the Aussie speaking .. not only her image but that she is talking to you in person” Korea • “The Australian people are inviting us .. I could see these people were inviting us to come to Australia .. I believe they are local Australians” Japan • “Means get here, come here buddy, been here a while, where are you? Warm positive, I feel wanted” USA • “Actually they seem to be the one country that want us .. of course other countries will take our money .. Australians want us there .. it’s real” UK • “It’s very inviting .. I would go immediately .. The open mindedness, relaxed laid back feeling” Germany

They get it • “The strapline - it’s funny .. It’s cool .. It’s an invitation .. I really like it” Germany • “Bloody Hell just means you should come” Korea • “I like the talking .. The tone they are using .. They are getting everything ready for us” China • “Why don’t you come to Australia is what Australians would say. Australian people would like to welcome you, in Australia we have got things ready” Japan.

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• “Once you hear the Australian accent you know what is meant by it” USA • “Makes you want to answer, yeah, I’m here and you accept it because it is Australian” UK

It challenges their perceptions • “Travelling is mostly observing the scenery .. This is about experiencing different leisure .. I could feel it down to your skin .. something lively and a lot of things to do” Korea • “Beforehand I had only a superficial understanding of Australia.. now I understand how friendly and welcoming they are as a people” China • “Gave me a sense of newness” Japan • “It changes my image of Australia very much .. Increases the diversity of things Australia has to offer” Japan • “Didn’t know there was so much to do .. just scenery, landmarks .. reinforced the fact there’s something to do” USA • “It’s so true .. the humour is brilliant .. you don’t normally see this .. It’s such a change from Crocodile Dundee and sheilas” UK

Media Contact: Kevin Lowe 02 6277 7450 or 0408 404 468.

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