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MacGIBBON, David John Biography for MacGIBBON , David John
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Senator for Queensland

Liberal Party of Australia

Parliamentary Service

Elected to the Senate for Queensland 1977 (term began 1.7.78), 1983, 1984, 1987 and 1993. Defeated at general elections 1998 (term expired 30.6.99).

Parliamentary Positions

Temporary Chair of Committees from 22.2.85 to 14.6.89 and from 4.3.97 to 29.5.98.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Procedure from 9.10.87 to 18.8.93; Privileges from 13.11.90 to 18.12.90; Appropriations and Staffing from 1.7.96 to 9.11.98.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Science and the Environment from 17.8.78 to 14.2.83; Foreign Affairs and Defence from 21.4.83 to 21.2.85; Full member, Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade: Legislation Committee from 10.10.94 to 7.5.97; Participating member, Finance and Public Administration: Legislation Committee from 17.10.94 to 29.4.96; Participating member, Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport: Legislation Committee from 17.10.94 to 29.4.96; Participating member, Economics: References Committee from 19.6.96 to 2.4.98; Full member, Community Affairs: Legislation Committee from 11.3.99 to 30.6.99.

Senate Select: Certain Aspects of the Airline Pilots' Dispute from 25.10.89 to 27.2.90; Subscription Television Broadcasting Services from 26.6.92 to 16.9.92.

Senate Estimates: E from 20.9.78 to 1.4.80, 4.5.83 to 6.9.83 and from 4.4.84 to 24.3.87; D from 1.4.80 to 2.4.81; F from 2.4.81 to 4.2.83; B from 24.3.87 to 29.9.88; on 11.10.89; from 9.5.90 to 11.9.90; from 21.2.91 to 5.3.92 and from 6.5.93 to 10.10.94.

Joint Statutory: Australian Security Intelligence Organization from 14.5.90 to 17.4.91 and from 31.5.96 (Presiding Member from 31.5.96) to 30.6.99.

Joint: Foreign Affairs and Defence from 12.5.83 to 5.6.87; Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade from 9.10.87 to 19.8.93 and from 23.10.95 (Chair from 5.3.98) to 30.6.99.

Joint Standing: New Parliament House from 28.2.85 to 30.10.89.

Conferences, Delegations and Visits

Member, 68th IPU Annual Conference, Havana, September 1981.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Indonesia (including East Timor), July-August 1983.

Parliamentary Adviser to the United Nations General Assembly, New York, September- December 1983.

Official visit to the Middle East, March 1991.

Bilateral visit to Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel, June 1998.

Leader, Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade visit to Papua New Guinea, March 1999.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Member, Opposition Shadow Ministry from 12.5.89 to 11.4.90 and from 7.4.93 to 26.5.94. Spokesman on Customs from 12.5.89 to 11.4.90; on Veterans' Affairs, Defence Science and Personnel from 7.4.93 to 26.5.94.

Party Positions

Member, Liberal Party from 1966.

Member, Ryan Area Executive 1973-78.

Chair, Ryan Area Liberal Party 1976-77.

Member, Liberal Party State Executive (Qld) 1976-77 and 1982-83.


Born 13.5.34 at Brisbane, Qld.


Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament


Dental practitioner; specialist in fixed prosthodontics. Private practice.

University appointments at universities of London, Queensland and Michigan.

Military Service

Army National Service.