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Customs Tariff Amendment (Incorporation of Proposals and Other Measures) Bill 2020

Originating house
House of Representatives
Home Affairs


Amends the Customs Tariff Act 1995 to: provide for a free rate of customs duty for certain medical and hygiene products between 1 February 2020 and 31 December 2020; remove the $12 000 special customs duty on used and second-hand motor vehicles that are Peruvian originating goods or that are Trans-Pacific Partnership originating goods; separately identify specifically formulated caffeinated beverages, formulated supplementary sports foods and formulated supplementary foods; specifically identify vitamins and food supplements; provide that wheelie bins do not fall within the classification of vehicles; provide that plates, rods, angles, shapes, sections, tubes, pipes and the like requiring further modification prior to being used cannot be classified as parts; and repeal redundant provisions specifying phasing rates of customs duty under certain free trade agreements.

Progress of bill

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House of Representatives
Introduced and read a first time 03/12/20  
Second reading moved 03/12/20  
Second reading debate 17/02/21  
Second reading agreed to 17/02/21  
Third reading agreed to 17/02/21  
Introduced and read a first time 17/02/21  
Second reading moved 17/02/21  
Second reading debate 18/02/21  
Second reading agreed to 18/02/21  
Third reading agreed to 18/02/21  
Finally passed both Houses 18/02/21  
Assent 01/03/21 Act no: 10 - Year: 2021

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