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General business


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Notices of « Motion »

Notice given 27 June 2018

    924   Leader of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation ( Senator Hanson ): To move—That the following bill be introduced: A Bill for an Act to provide for a plebiscite at the next general election in relation to the level of migration to Australia, and for related purposes. Plebiscite (Future Migration Level) Bill 2018 .

Notice given 13 August 2018

    932   Senator Singh : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that:

                                                (i)      Tuberculosis (TB) was declared an emergency in 1993 by the World Health Organization and causes more deaths than any other infectious disease - of the more than 10.4 million infected with TB in 2016, 1.7 million people died,

                                               (ii)      drug-resistant TB is one of the most common and deadly forms of all antimicrobial resistance in the world, accounting for a significant number of antimicrobial resistant deaths globally,

                                             (iii)      around the world, an estimated 4.1 million people with TB are not diagnosed, thus missing out on receiving quality care and treatment,

                                             (iv)      TB affects different populations inequitably and contributes to the cycle of ill-health and poverty,

                                              (v)      the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal to end the global TB epidemic by 2030 will not be met without new and more effective tools, and more innovative approaches to prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care and vaccination, and

                                             (vi)      TB is preventable, curable and can be ultimately eliminated through access to quality drugs, treatment and prevention, effective people-centred models of care, and innovation in identification and treatment;

                          (b)      recognises:

                                                (i)      the United Nations (UN) General Assembly is holding the first-ever High-Level Meeting on TB on 26 September 2018, during the 73rd session of the General Assembly in New York,

                                               (ii)      the United Nations High-Level Meeting on TB provides an unprecedented and historic opportunity for world leaders to reaffirm their commitment and raise the resources required for ending the global TB epidemic by 2030,

                                             (iii)      the world should aim to increase the overall global investments for ending the TB epidemic to US$2 billion, and to close the estimated US$1.3 billion gap in funding annually for support to TB research and development for prevention, diagnosis treatment and care, and

                                             (iv)      Australia has supported global actions to reduce TB, including through contributions to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, its support to TB programs in Papua New Guinea and Kiribati, and through the Indo-Pacific Health Security Initiative in our support to Product Development Partnerships and research grants; and

                           (c)      calls on the Australian Government to:

                                                (i)      ensure Australia has senior representation at the United Nations High-Level Meeting on TB in September, and

                                               (ii)      commit to support countries in the Indo-Pacific in their efforts for TB elimination.

Notice of « motion » altered on 14 August 2018 pursuant to standing order 77.

    944   Senator Bernardi : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes the increasing number of Confucius classes or institutes being established within the Australian education system, accompanied by generous foreign government grants;

                          (b)      also notes an SBS report that:

                                                (i)      Australia has the third largest number of such institutes after the United States of America and the United Kingdom, and

                                               (ii)      there were 525 institutes and 1 113 classrooms across 146 countries worldwide by the end of 2017;

                           (c)      further notes concerns that have been expressed, including in the documentary ‘ In the name of Confucius ’ aired around Australia during the winter break, regarding academic freedom and freedom of conscience at or around these institutes;

                          (d)      likewise notes comments attributed to Mr Ross Babbage, a former head of strategic analysis in the Office of National Assessments, and now a senior fellow at the Centre for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA) in Washington, stating that Australian universities are “naïve” about what goes on in the institutes, and that since early 2018 the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation has been warning about the institutes’ activities on United States’ campuses;

                           (e)      observes that the New South Wales government is reviewing its engagement with the institute; and

                           (f)      calls upon the Minister for Education and Training to work with his state and territory counterparts to ensure full reviews of their engagement with these institutes and classrooms.

    945   Senator Bernardi : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      expresses the view that political re-education internment camps are the tool of brutal totalitarian government; and

                          (b)      urges the Minister for Foreign Affairs to raise with foreign governments any concerns brought to her attention about the existence of such camps.

    951   Senator Siewert : To move—That there be laid on the table by the Minister for Indigenous Affairs, by the adjournment on 20 August 2018, the modelling of the impact of the Targeted Compliance Framework on CDP jobseekers that was undertaken by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet as part of the development of the reforms to the CDP, and the historical data used as part of this modelling, and the regional breakdown of the employment outcomes for CDP for the period 1 July 2015 to 31 May 2018.

Notice given 14 August 2018

  *953   Senators Bilyk and Brown: To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that:

                                                (i)      the Australian Antarctic Division’s (AAD) headquarters is based in Kingston, Tasmania,

                                               (ii)      the AAD currently employs approximately 300 staff at the Kingston headquarters,

                                             (iii)      the AAD has a proud history of world-leading scientific research that has been led by a dedicated workforce based in the Kingborough municipality, and

                                             (iv)      as a small suburban population centre, Kingston’s retail businesses are heavily reliant on the 300 jobs that the AAD headquarters provides;

                          (b)      expresses concern that the Minister for the Environment and Energy, and the Turnbull Government, are yet to publicly commit to maintaining the AAD’s headquarters in Kingston; and

                           (c)      calls on the Turnbull Government to:

                                                (i)      commit to the long-term future of the AAD in Kingston, and rule out moving the location of the current headquarters, and

                                               (ii)      further commit to not making any decisions that would result in a net loss of AAD staff from Kingston.

  *954   Senator Carr : To move—That there be laid on the table by the Minister for Jobs and Innovation, by no later than 9.30 am on 21 August 2018:

                          (a)      documents held by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science relating to the announcement, establishment and implementation of the partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation; and

                          (b)      documents held by the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) relating to the announcement, establishment and implementation of the partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

  *955   Senator Burston : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that:

                                                (i)      since September 2015, there have been a number of parliamentary inquiries into contamination of Defence-owned and neighbouring properties by per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances and chemicals (PFAS), and

                                               (ii)      the upcoming Christmas will be the fourth Christmas that the residents living in the so-called ‘red zone’ surrounding Williamtown RAAF base in New South Wales will have had to endure with no resolution from the Federal Government; and

                          (b)      calls on the Federal Government to:

                                                (i)      immediately implement a voluntary buy-out programme for affected property owners of PFAS contamination originating from Defence-owned land,

                                               (ii)      ensure the voluntary buy-out programme is at market rates for the affected properties prior to the public announcement of the contamination, plus the average increase in property values in the region since,

                                             (iii)      provide monetary compensation for those that wish to remain living at their property, and

                                             (iv)      ban the use of PFAS substances and chemicals, which have contaminated at least 90 communities across the country as a result of their use in fire retardants for decades.

  *956   Senator O’Neill : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that:

                                                (i)      on 30 July 2018, the RUOK? Conversation Convoy began to raise awareness that a conversation could change a life,

                                               (ii)      the Conversation Convoy will travel across 14 000 kilometres and 25 communities to show Australians that every day is the day to ask “Are you OK?”, and

                                             (iii)      the Conversation Convoy will conclude in Sydney on 13 September 2018, which is also RUOK? Day - this important day was first established in 2009 to raise awareness around suicide prevention and mental ill-health;

                          (b)      acknowledges that:

                                                (i)      the statistics around suicide and mental ill-health are heartbreaking and confronting,

                                               (ii)      in 2016, 2 866 Australians lost their lives to suicide - research also reveals that around 65 000 people attempt suicide every year and hundreds of thousands of people are impacted by each suicide death, and

                                             (iii)      one in five Australians experience mental ill-health in any year; and


                           (c)      urges:

                                                (i)      all levels of government and the community to work together to reduce the impact of suicide and mental ill-health in our society, and

                                               (ii)      that work must continue towards reducing stigma and raising community awareness around suicide prevention and mental ill-health.

  *957   Senator Bernardi : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that Mr Tom Raue, recently preselected as the New South Wales Greens candidate for the inner Sydney seat of Summer Hill, once wrote in a student newspaper column “why is consensual sex with animals considered so heinous that it must be illegal? Why is it taboo to even talk about it? Yes most Australians find it disgusting, but that is not a good enough reason to legislate against it. Consensual sex with an animal should not be illegal, no matter how distasteful it may seem”;

                          (b)      further notes that these statements are in keeping with the writings of Victorian Greens Party co-founder and former candidate, Professor Peter Singer, who has also sought to break down taboos on sexual relations between humans and animals; and

                           (c)      rejects all pushes by the Greens and other activists to promote sexual intimacy between humans and animals.

  *958   Senator « Steele » - « John » : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that:

                                                (i)      on 27 March 2018, the Senate passed a « motion » recognising the importance of strong digital encryption in protecting the personal and financial information of Australians, in preventing identity theft and other crime, and in ensuring that public interest whistleblowers, journalists, and other civil society actors can conduct their activities more securely,

                                               (ii)      on 31 July 2018, the Minister for Health (Mr Hunt) made a statement that ‘My Health Record’ legislation will be amended to “ensure no record can be released to police or government agencies, for any purpose, without a court order” ,

                                             (iii)      on 14 August 2018, the Government released draft legislation that requires law enforcement agencies to obtain a warrant in order to search electronic devices and access content on those devices, and

                                             (iv)      currently, under the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979 , law enforcement agencies can access telecommunications metadata without a warrant; and

                          (b)      calls on the Federal Government to:

                                                (i)      extend the requirement for a warrant to metadata, and collection and interception of all communications of Australians, for consistency and to uphold Australians’ right to « privacy » ,

                                               (ii)      support the continued development and use of strong encryption technologies, and

                                             (iii)      not actively undermine encryption and « privacy » by introducing legislation that compels telecommunications and information technology companies to break encryption or introduce weaknesses into communications systems or devices used by Australians.

  *959   Senator Rice : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that:

                                                (i)      the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the specialised cancer agency of the World Health Organization, has listed glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans”,

                                               (ii)      a Californian Superior Court jury has ordered Monsanto pay $39 million in compensatory damages, and $250 million in punitive damages to former grounds keeper, Mr DeWayne Johnson on the grounds that their glyphosate product, Roundup , contributed to his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma,

                                             (iii)      this follows a review by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) of glyphosate, following the IARC finding, which “found no grounds to place it under formal reconsideration”, and

                                             (iv)      glyphosate is still widely-used in Australian agricultural, gardening, grounds-keeping and land management environments; and

                          (b)      calls on the Federal Government to immediately direct the APVMA to conduct a formal review of glyphosate, and order Monsanto (now Bayer AG) to make all internal scientific documentation, relating to the carcinogenicity of glyphosate, publically available.

  *960   Senator Patrick : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that transparency, in relation to the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and its implementation, is critical to public confidence; and

                          (b)      orders there be laid on the table, by the Minister representing the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, by 23 August 2018:

                                                (i)      advices requested in a letter from the Murray­-Darling Basin Royal Commission to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources of 3 May 2018, namely, all prior advice provided to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources of 3 May 2018, concerning:

                                                                  (A)       the construction and proper interpretation of the Water Act 2007 and the Basin Plan,

                                                                  (B)       the lawfulness of the proposed amendment to the Basin Plan disallowed by the Senate on 6 February 2018,

                                                                  (C)       the lawfulness of the proposed amendment to the Basin Plan disallowed by the Senate on 14 February 2018,

                                                                  (D)       the lawfulness of the adjustment made to the Basin Plan, the subject of a disallowance « motion defeated in the Senate on 8 May 2018, and

                                                                  (E)       the constitutional validity of the Water Act 2007 and the Basin Plan,

                                               (ii)      all documents, including any minutes of meetings made in accordance with section 196 of the Water Act 2007 , evidencing the reasoning behind the change of reductions in diversions required to achieve environmental watering requirements of 3 856 GL (high uncertainty) and 6 983 GL (low uncertainty), down to a reduction in diversions to 2 750 GL in the report, The proposed ‘environmentally sustainable level of take’ for surface water of the Murray-Darling Basin: Methods and outcomes , dated November 2011, and the Basin Plan, as enacted on 23 November 2012,

                                             (iii)      all documents, including any minutes of meetings made in accordance with section 196 of the Water Act 2007 , relating to the incorporation of social and economic outcomes into the determination of the long-term average sustainable diversion limit reflecting an environmentally sustainable level of take between 8 October 2010 and 23 November 2012,

                                             (iv)      all documents, including any minutes of meetings made in accordance with section 196 of the Water Act 2007 , evidencing the further analysis conducted by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority to investigate the ability of alternative SDL options and water recovery strategies to achieve environmental objectives which lead to the adjustment of the recovery target from 2 800 GL to 2 750 GL,

                                              (v)      all documents, including any minutes of meetings made in accordance with section 196 of the Water Act 2007 , referring to the analysis of the equivalent environmental outcomes as required by section 7.15(1)(c) of the Basin Plan of each of the 36 supply measures,

                                             (vi)      record of any agreement to use another method within the meaning of section 7.15 of the Basin Plan for any of the 36 supply measures, and

                                           (vii)      the peer review of the report, Guide to the proposed Basin Plan , dated October 2010.