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General business


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Notices of « Motion »

Notice given 19 September 2019

    157   Senator Waters : To move—That the following bill be introduced: A Bill for an Act to enhance the integrity of the Parliament of Australia, and for related purposes. National Integrity (Parliamentary Standards) Bill 2019 .

    159   Senators Sheldon and Bilyk: To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that:

                                                (i)      in the past 18 months, two comprehensive reviews and inquiries have been completed into the state of family law in Australia, making a combined 93 recommendations in total,

                                               (ii)      the Federal Government has failed to act on over half of all the recommendations contained in the report of the House Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs, A better family law system to support and protect those affected by family violence , and a further third were agreed to only in part or in principle, and


                                             (iii)      despite commissioning an extensive review into the family law system by the Australian Law Reform Commission two years ago, the Federal Government has so far failed to respond to the 60 recommendations contained in its final report, that was provided to the Morrison Government six months ago; and

                          (b)      calls on the Federal Government to respond to the recommendations of the Australian Law Reform Commission into the family law system.

Notice given 16 October 2019

  *195   Senator Bilyk : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that:

                                                (i)      International Brain Tumour Awareness Week will be held from 26 October to 2 November 2019,

                                               (ii)      the five-year survival rate for malignant brain tumours, known as brain cancer, is still only 22%,

                                             (iii)      while not as deadly as brain cancer, benign tumours in certain areas of the brain can still be life-threatening and may require urgent treatment, and

                                             (iv)      even surviving a brain tumour, patients can suffer ongoing symptoms, including brain damage and paralysis;

                          (b)      congratulates the Brain Tumour Alliance Australian and the International Brain Tumour Alliance for their ongoing advocacy for brain tumour patients; and

                           (c)      urges the Australian Government to take whatever action is necessary to improve brain cancer and tumour survival.

  *196   Senator « Steele » - « John » : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that:

                                                (i)      Anti-Poverty Week is from 13 to 19 October 2019, and 17 October 2019 is the United Nations Day for the Eradication of Poverty,

                                               (ii)      it is becoming increasingly difficult for young people to obtain and retain the basic means to live and support themselves because of:

                                                                  (A)       an insufficient youth allowance which hinders their ability to enter meaningful employment, complete further practical or academic study and/or explore entrepreneurship, while meeting the rising costs of living,

                                                                  (B)       a shrinking job market and decreasing employment opportunities, and

                                                                  (C)       the multinational corporations which currently monopolise markets and prevent aspiring young entrepreneurs from breaking into the market,

                                             (iii)      the 2019 Grattan Institute report, Generation gap: ensuring a fair go for younger Australians , found that:

                                                                  (A)       there is a growing wealth gap which is failing young people,

                                                                  (B)       youth unemployment is at 13% and rising, and is far higher than that of the mean national unemployment rate of around 5%, and

                                                                  (C)       youth underemployment is on the rise, growing from 12% to 20% between 2006 and 2016, and

                                             (iv)      ensuring that young people can access the supports and services they need to be able to access a quality education, put food on the table, have a safe place to sleep every night and still enjoy a good life is ultimately an investment in the future; and

                          (b)      calls on the Federal Government to:

                                                (i)      reinstate federal funding for the national peak advocacy body for young people,

                                               (ii)      reinstate a separate Federal Minister for Youth Affairs so that young people have a dedicated representative in the Federal Parliament, and

                                             (iii)      work with young people and their peak representative bodies to develop a national strategy to address increasing generational inequality, and ensure that young people can access the supports and services they need to live a good life.

  *197   Senator McCarthy : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that:

                                                (i)      Anangu traditional owners have been working with the tourism industry and national parks to develop visitor attraction strategies after the Uluru climb closes on 26 October 2019, and

                                               (ii)      the 2017 decision to close the climb this year was in line with the agreed process in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Management Plan 2010-2020; and

                          (b)      calls on the Morrison Government to:

                                                (i)      support Anangu in their determination to protect their sites and tjukurpa,

                                               (ii)      support Anangu in their aspirations to share Uluru, their culture and their country with visitors who want to learn more about this significant place, and

                                             (iii)      continue to support strategies and investment that place culture and environment at the centre of the Uluru Kata Tjuta visitor experience.

  *198   Senator Dean Smith : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      recognises the significance of the discovery of gold in the state of Western Australia;

                          (b)      notes the following achievements for Western Australia’s gold mining and exploration sector:

                                                (i)      Western Australia continued to lead gold exploration activity in 2018-19, accounting for 70% ($673 million) of Australia’s total gold exploration expenditure,

                                               (ii)      Western Australia accounted for 212 tonnes (67%) of Australia’s total gold production in 2018-19,

                                             (iii)      gold sales by value increased 5% to almost $12 billion in 2018-19,

                                             (iv)      the gold price broke through the AU$2000 barrier in June, averaged almost AU$2,220 in September 2019, setting a new record high, and

                                              (v)      the gold mining and exploration sector directly employed over 31,000 people, and contributed over $291 million in royalties to Western Australia in 2018-19; and

                           (c)      acknowledges that:

                                                (i)      Phillip (Phil) Saunders and Adam Johns discovered gold in the tributaries of the Ord River in 1882,

                                               (ii)      Edward T. Hardman played a key role in discovery of East Kimberley goldfields (Elvire River near Halls Creek) in 1884, and

                                             (iii)      Charles Hall and John Slattery made the first discovery of payable gold in Halls Creek, Western Australia on 14 July 1885, triggering the Kimberley gold rush.

  *199   Senator Keneally : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that:

                                                (i)      it can currently take up to two years for police or security agencies to access data held in the United States on platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook, in relation to serious crime investigations, such as terrorism, violent crime, paedophilia and cybercrime,

                                               (ii)      the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act (CLOUD Act), enacted in March 2018 by the United States Congress, empowers the United States Government to enter into agreements with foreign governments to radically speed up the time it takes foreign police and security agencies to access electronic data held in the US for the purpose of investigating serious crimes,

                                             (iii)      the CLOUD Act includes a number of requirements that must be satisfied before the United States Government can enter into an agreement with a foreign government, including that the foreign government’s domestic laws must afford ‘robust substantive and procedural protections for « privacy and civil liberties in light of the data collection and activities of the foreign government that will be subject to the agreement’,

                                             (iv)      on 3 October 2019, the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States announced they had successfully concluded their negotiations and entered into an agreement under the CLOUD Act, meaning UK police and security agencies will be able to access data held in the United States for serious crime investigations substantially faster Australian police and security agencies,

                                              (v)      unlike the UK Government, which has already concluded its CLOUD Act negotiations, the Australian Government has only just started its negotiations with the United States,

                                             (vi)      there are widespread concerns that Australia’s encryption laws, passed last year by the Morrison Government, do not provide ‘robust substantive and procedural protections’ as required by the CLOUD Act,

                                           (vii)      amendments presented to the Senate last year, but rejected by the Government, could have provided appropriate ‘robust substantive and procedural protections’,

                                          (viii)      less than 24 hours after the announcement that Australia-United States CLOUD Act negotiations had begun on 7 October 2019, the Chairman of the United States House Judiciary Committee, Congressman Jerrold Nadler, sent a letter to the Minister for Home Affairs expressing grave concerns about the absence of ‘robust substantive and procedural protections’ in the Australian Government’s encryption laws,

                                             (ix)      the speed with which Congressman Nadler, whose committee plays a key role in approving any potential agreement between the United States and Australia, wrote his letter suggests that Australia may be a long way off from being able to access electronic data held in the United States to investigate serious crimes, such as terrorism, violent crime, paedophilia and cybercrime, and

                                              (x)      without an agreement between the United States and Australia under the CLOUD Act, victims of vile crimes, such as terrorism, violent crime, paedophilia and cybercrime, will continue to have to wait for up to two years for police to even be able to get a good start on their case;

                          (b)      condemns:

                                                (i)      the Australian Government for not being as proactive as the UK Government has been in securing a CLOUD Act agreement with the United States, and

                                               (ii)      the Australian Government for isolating Australian police and security agencies from potential resources that could reduce wait times to get access to critical data, held in the United States, to aid in the investigation of serious crimes, such as terrorism, violent crime, paedophilia and cybercrime from two years to just a few days; and

                           (c)      calls on the Federal Government to work productively with all parties in the Senate to ensure Australia’s encryption legislation can be amended to address any and all obstacles in the way of securing the best outcome for Australian police and security agencies, and the Australian people.

  *200   Leader of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation ( Senator Hanson ): To move—That the Senate calls on the Federal Government to immediately put in place a permanent Rural Hardship Education Fund to assist geographically isolated students and their families with educational expenses during times of rural hardship to ensure their schooling can continue unchanged.

  *201   Senator Faruqi : To move—That the Senate calls on the Federal Government to amend the Australian Meat and LiveĀ­-stock Industry Act 1997 , the Export Control Act 1982 and the proposed Export Control Act 2018 to restrict the long haul export of live sheep and lambs during the northern hemisphere summer months of July, August or September in a five year transitional period, or at any time after that period, where the voyage is by ship and of duration exceeding 10 days, and where a place in that voyage is either the Persian Gulf or the Red Sea (regardless of whether it is the final destination).

  *202   Senator Griff : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that:

                                                (i)      the Federal Government is currently in the process of developing the National Alcohol Strategy 2018-2026 (NAS) which aims to reduce harmful alcohol consumption, including from binge drinking and disease or injury caused by a lifetime of drinking,

                                               (ii)      alcohol contributes to disease such as cancer and preventable harm, including Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and is estimated to be responsible for nearly 6000 deaths in Australia each year, and

                                             (iii)      the Ministerial Drug and Alcohol Forum (MDAF) had committed to finalising the NAS by the end of 2018, but it has not met since June 2018, and the strategy is still unfinished;

                          (b)      further notes:

                                                (i)      the concern from health groups and specialists who developed and consulted on the initial draft of the NAS, that the revised draft has been watered down following involvement of the alcohol industry,

                                               (ii)      reports that the reason the revised draft of the NAS has not been finalised is because of state and territory concerns about the alcohol industry’s interference in a public health strategy, and

                                             (iii)      that an analysis by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education shows the revised draft deletes a safeguard that the alcohol industry will not be eligible for membership of the NAS Reference Group, which will guide implementation, monitor progress and evaluate the strategy, and it also deletes the statement that ‘Australia does not support any ongoing role for industry in setting or developing national alcohol policy’; and

                           (c)      calls on the Federal Government to remove the pro-industry changes that were made to the NAS, and reintroduce the safeguards against alcohol industry involvement that were deleted.

  *203   Senator Waters : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that:

                                                (i)      this week is Anti-Poverty Week 2019,

                                               (ii)      nearly one third of women over 65 live in poverty, with many experiencing or at risk of homelessness,

                                             (iii)      according to the HILDA Statistical Report 2019, single elderly women are the lowest income family group and women aged over 65, were more likely than not to have experienced poverty in the previous 10 years,

                                             (iv)      the effects of lower wages and time out of the workforce compound across women’s working lives - on average, women retire with 47% less superannuation than men, and almost 35% of women aged between 60 and 65, have no superannuation at all, and

                                              (v)      approximately 23% of Newstart recipients are aged between 55 and 64; and

                          (b)      calls on the Federal Government to help reduce the poverty rate of older women in Australia by:

                                                (i)      immediately increasing Newstart and related payments, and

                                               (ii)      investing in social housing, including transitional and crisis housing, and

                                             (iii)      taking action to close the gender retirement income gap.

  *204   Senator Whish-Wilson : To move—That the Senate agrees that, given we are in a climate emergency, no new thermal coal mines should be opened.


  *205   Senators Siewert and Whish-Wilson: To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that:

                                                (i)      the Fitzroy and Margaret Rivers in Western Australia are home to the critically-endangered Freshwater Sawfish ( Pristis pristis ) that can grow up to seven metres long,

                                               (ii)      in December 2018, 46 Freshwater Sawfish died in pools connected to Snake Creek, a tributary of the Fitzroy River,

                                             (iii)      the Western Australian Government is investigating whether there is a connection between these deaths and the extraction of billions of litres of water out of Snake Creek on Ms Gina Rinehart’s Liveringa pastoral lease,

                                             (iv)      Ms Rinehart and others have proposed an irrigation scheme that would take a further 325 billion litres of water per annum out of the Fitzroy River, and

                                              (v)      16 October 2019, is World Sawfish Day; and

                          (b)      calls on the Western Australian Government to ensure the protection of the Fitzroy River and its population of critically-endangered Sawfish.

  *206   Senator Siewert : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      recognises that it is Anti-Poverty Week 2019, and today marks the United Nations International Day for the Eradication of Poverty;

                          (b)      notes that raising the rate of Newstart and Youth Allowance is one of the most effective measures the Government can undertake to reduce the rate of poverty in Australia; and

                           (c)      calls on the Federal Government to immediately increase the rate of Newstart and Youth Allowance.

  *207   Senator Siewert : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      acknowledges this is Anti-Poverty Week 2019;

                          (b)      notes that the Anglicare Jobs Availability Snapshot 2019 found that:

                                                (i)      one in seven jobseekers have barriers to work such as age, disability and education level,

                                               (ii)      it is taking people an average of five years to find work,

                                             (iii)      there are at least five jobseekers who do not have qualifications or work experience competing for each job at their skill level, and

                                             (iv)      there are 1.16 million people who are underemployed in Australia;

                           (c)      notes that there are over 200,000 people living on Newstart who are sick or disabled;

                          (d)      acknowledges that poverty is a barrier to employment, and there are many unemployed and underemployed people in Australia struggling to get by on the current rate of Newstart; and

                           (e)      calls on the Federal Government to adequately support people to find employment by immediately increasing Newstart and Youth Allowance.



  *208   Senator Siewert : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      acknowledges this is Anti-Poverty Week 2019;

                          (b)      notes that:

                                                (i)      more than one-in-ten Newstart recipients are First Nations peoples, and one-in-five Youth Allowance recipients are First Nations peoples,

                                               (ii)      First Nations peoples living in remote areas of Australia face significantly higher costs of living, and

                                             (iii)      research by the ANU Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research estimates the poverty rate for First Nations peoples is around 31%, with poverty rates stagnating in regional areas and rising in remote areas;

                           (c)      acknowledges that First Nations peoples are disengaging with the social security system because of the onerous and punitive reporting requirements attached to income support payments; and

                          (d)      calls on the Federal Government to act to reduce poverty rates for First Nations peoples by immediately increasing Newstart and Youth Allowance.

  *209   Senator Gallagher : To move—

(1)         That so much of the standing orders be suspended as would prevent this resolution having effect.

(2)         That the second reading of the Productivity Commission Amendment (Addressing Inequality) Bill 2017 be restored to the Notice Paper .

  *210   Senator Gallagher : To move—

(1)         That so much of the standing orders be suspended as would prevent this resolution having effect.

(2)         That the Fair Work Amendment (Restoring Penalty Rates) Bill 2018

[No. 2] be restored to the Notice Paper and consideration of the bill resume at the stage reached in the 45th Parliament.