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Private Health Insurance Bill 2007

Part 3-1 Introduction

Division 50 Introduction

50-1   What this Chapter is about

Broadly, health insurance that is made available to the public must meet the requirements in this Chapter. This means that:

               (a)     the insurance must be community-rated (that is, made available in a way that does not discriminate between people) (see Part 3-2); and

              (b)     the insurance must be in the form of a complying health insurance product (see Part 3-3); and

               (c)     the private health insurers who make the products available must meet certain obligations to people insured or seeking to be insured under the products (see Part 3-4).

50-5   Private Health Insurance (Complying Product) Rules, Private Health Insurance (Prostheses) Rules and Private Health Insurance (Accreditation) Rules

                   Matters relating to * complying health insurance products are also dealt with in the Private Health Insurance (Complying Product) Rules, the Private Health Insurance (Prostheses) Rules and the Private Health Insurance (Accreditation) Rules. The provisions of this Chapter indicate when a particular matter is or may be dealt with in these Rules.

Note:          These Rules are all made by the Minister under section 333-20.