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Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Bill 2006

Part 15-5 Fees

Division 628 Fees

628-1   Fees

             (1)  The regulations may prescribe fees that are payable for services the Registrar provides in performing his or her functions, or exercising his or her powers, under:

                     (a)  this Act (including the regulations); and

                     (b)  any other Commonwealth law that imposes functions on the Registrar.

             (2)  A prescribed fee must not be such as to amount to taxation.

             (3)  A prescribed fee is payable to the Commonwealth.

             (4)  The regulations may prescribe the circumstances in which the Registrar, on behalf of the Commonwealth, may wholly or partly waive a prescribed fee. The circumstances may relate to an individual Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation or a class of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation.

628-5   Lodgment of document without payment of fee


                     (a)  a fee is prescribed for the lodgment of a document; and

                     (b)  the document was submitted for lodgment without payment of the fee;

the document is not taken not to have been lodged merely because of non-payment of the fee.

628-10   Doing act without payment of fee

                   If a fee is prescribed for a matter involving the doing of an act by the Registrar, the Registrar may refuse to do that act until the fee is paid.

628-15   Effect of sections 628-5 and 628-10

                   Sections 628-5 and 628-10 have effect despite anything in another Part of this Act.

628-20   Debt due to the Commonwealth

                   Each prescribed fee is a debt due to the Commonwealth.

628-25   Payment of fee does not give right to inspect or search

                   To avoid doubt, nothing in this Part, and nothing done under this Part:

                     (a)  imposes on the Registrar a duty to allow the inspection or search of a register or document, or to make available information; or

                     (b)  confers a right to inspect or search a register or document or to have information made available;

except so far as such a duty or right would, but for the effect of section 628-10, exist under a provision of another Part of this Act or under some other law.