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ABC Amendment (Online and Multichannelling Services) Bill 2001 [2002]
Schedule 1 Amendment of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983

1  Subsection 3(1)


multichannelled broadcasting service , in relation to a national broadcasting service, has the meaning given by clause 5A of Schedule 4 of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 .

2  After section 6A


6B   Online and multichannelling services

                   For the purposes of the performance of its functions, the Corporation must provide:

                     (a)  multichannelled broadcasting services; and

                     (b)  online services by either or both of the following means:

                              (i)  the Internet;

                             (ii)  electronic transmission over a path or combination of paths.

3  After subsection 31(1)


          (1A)  Subsection (1) applies to the Corporation’s online services.

          (1B)  Without limiting subsection (1A), the Corporation must not provide or permit electronic links between its online services and any other online service which promotes a commercial body, product or service.

          (1C)  In providing or permitting electronic links between the Corporation’s online services and any other online service, the Corporation must ensure that the link includes a warning that the user is leaving the Corporation’s services.

4  Subsection 31(3)

Omit “does not apply”, substitute “applies”.

5  After paragraph 31(3)(a)

Omit “or”, substitute “and”.