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Schedule 4—Marine orders

Schedule 4 Marine orders


Protection of the Sea (Harmful Anti-fouling Systems) Act 2006

1  Section 3


Marine Order has the meaning given by section 24.

2  Section 3 (definition of orders )

Repeal the definition.

3  Section 3 (definition of regulations )

Omit “orders”, substitute “Marine Orders”.

4  Section 24

After “make orders”, insert “( Marine Orders )”.

5  Paragraph 25(d) (note)

Omit “the orders”, substitute “Marine Orders”.

Protection of the Sea (Prevention of Pollution from Ships) Act 1983

6  Subsection 3(1)


Marine Order has the meaning given by section 34.

7  Subsection 3(1) (definitions of the regulations and this Act ))

Omit “orders made under section 34”, substitute “Marine Orders”.

8  Paragraph 26AB(6)(a)

Omit “regulations or orders made pursuant to regulations”, substitute “the regulations”.

9  Paragraph 26AB(6)(b)

Omit “or orders” (wherever occurring).

10  Subsection 26B(11) (paragraphs (a) and (b) of the definition of prescribed incident )

Omit “or orders made under the regulations”.

11  Paragraphs 26BCC(6)(b) and 26D(6)(a)

Omit “, or orders made pursuant to the regulations,”.

12  Paragraph 33(1)(f)

Omit “of the orders made under section 34”, substitute “Marine Order”.

13  Subsection 33(2)

Omit “, and orders made under section 34,”, substitute “and Marine Orders”.

14  Subsection 34(1)

After “orders”, insert “( Marine Orders )”.